The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

My corner runneth over… ok way over


For some reason i can’t let go of that drum machine…the stair mode is !!

That sounds like an awesome project! I’d be very curious about how your module would allow me to implement Push functionality without Ableton.

I’m definitely on the hunt for the perfect sequencing solution. I am still learning Kria. I feel like that is going to do a lot of what I want to do in sequencing more fully formed compositions, but I haven’t yet gotten a feel for what it won’t do yet. I also am still in the stage where I don’t fully yet know what my setup might be missing for me, at least ergonomically. I use Just Friends and Maths for most of my modulation, and VCAs to shape that modulation, but if I want to run a few voices simultaneously I do find myself needing to reach for envelopes and LFOs from Ableton. I have an ES-8 and an Ultralite mk4 running as an aggregate device, so I have 16 outs from my laptop. Eventually I would like to get all of that happening in the rack, but $ and hp mean that will come later.

Without guessing at what your module can do, one thing that would be cool to me is if I had a module that I could both sequence and choose or design modulation sources from within the Push (daw-less-ly).


I was wondering when you’d make your way here - Once i saw you start posting in r/modular I thought “this guy’s gonna end up on Lines, and I can’t wait!”


How funny! You are totally right however, my curiosity for new ways to make music knows no bounds, I guess naturally this is where I’d end up :slight_smile:


That space is looking so organized and inviting. I’m intrigued by your outboard gear. Do you mind telling us more about what’s going on in there? Is this stuff for processing synths?

Thank you. I find that atmosphere and layout of my tools really affect my inspiration and creativity, so I try to keep my workspace as efficient and ready to jam as possible. I have a hybrid analog / digital approach to producing and mixing my music. Here’s an overview of my signal flow and how I incorporate my outboard:


@veillance This would be interesting for the Mixing/mastering thread!
What about we move the discussion there?


Potentially also relevant to this thread on improving the signal chain.

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thanks for sharing this unique approach

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Reduced a bit the modular side (feels good). Still not really tiny…


I’m thinking of giving up my desk at a shared studio after realizing that, after one year there, I’ve yet to compose a single minute of music at my desk. My entire output has been from things I’ve worked on at home!

So, trying out a tiny little studio, in one corner of our loft; so far this already feels right.


Do you use those sticks to play your guitars?

Sometimes! They’re good for striking the strings past the bridge or nut, and especially great for exciting the body of the guitar.

But lately I use them more with a contact mic for triggering events in the modular and plucking resonators :slight_smile:

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what are the gold and pink panels?

The latest. The Retro Mechanical Labs came today and it’s beastly so far. That and a Res EQ is instant noise bliss.


I call this mess the “Shelf Studio”


My tiny studio, in the latest incarnation. I made a rack to hold recording gear below the desk on casters. Feeling excited that I can sit at this desk.


nice plant :slightly_smiling_face:

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