The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

ha! that octatrack looks so squished horizontally in this picture :slight_smile: it took me a minute to realize what it was

doesn’t help that i have electrical tape covering all the logos :sweat_smile: #notsponsored


this is awesome! and that Godspeed poster is giving me a serious case of poster GAS, if that can be considered a thing.


my dear friend sent that to me free of charge. i couldn’t believe it. akira x gy!be?!?! like wut.


You’re giving me gas for a whiteboard! Feel like my system is costantly covered in 1000 peices of paper with random notes and i.portant I info them


I put a couple of rows of whiteboard tape on my desk in front of my faderbank as a scribble strip, but found I use it like a general mini-whiteboard anyway. I’ve thought about covering my entire desk surface with the stuff :slight_smile:


the whiteboard has been an absolute revelation. two main things i use it for:

1.) my workflow/process typically starts in the same spot (main cable routing doesn’t change, same controllers, etc) but almost always gleefully mutates into some creative use of some strange aspect of the rig (i.e. the other day i realized i could send two mono signals from my euro.) the whiteboard is where these really precise and unique technical notes go, offloading that from my brain so i can just be creative and not worry about tech stuff.

2.) song ideas. i used to write this in my journals but i sorta stopped because they have such a short lifespan and i didn’t like “wasting journal paper” on little ideas. the whiteboard liberates me to write down whatever. here we can see i’m exploring “bosa nova acid.” :dancer::eye:


Spending the weekend back in the place where I grew up, messing with a 4 track. There’s an SM-57 sticking out the window on the left picking up birds singing, wings flapping, and squirrels running along the upturned aluminum boat. I brought my computer but that hasn’t made it out the bag yet.


Here is my compact setup!
As I move around a lot, I was too lazy to connect all 20 cables each time, so I invested in a Rockboard pedalboard with a Patchbay MOD 2.

Quite happy with the result, the portability and flexibility, and it’s pretty plug and play.


very cool. what’s running on the tablet on the left? and what’s the tablet itself? :slight_smile:

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The tablet is a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and is running Bitwig Studio which has an interface well adapted to touch devices (and a lot of other qualities). I got it in order to (more or less) replace my Octatrack.


I finally got an actual good desk - 42 inches long, very open and structural with a hutch and an upper shelf - and set everything up. Having Norns at an angle makes a massive difference to usability, in my opinion, and I was able to re-use a little sheet-metal phone stand to hold it. And thank goodness for the Zoom H6 having a tripod mount!

Here’s a little track I put together yesterday evening, just to shake things down:


I couldn’t agree more. I use a tablet stand that kind of makes it look like a tiny little iMac.


20 characters of so cute!


What’s the small screen, is that Orac?



The track sounds great! Did you record it directly into the H6 or did you use it as an audio interface and record elsewhere?

I’ve been considering adding something similar to my setup for direct recording and removing the presence of the computer completely (at least during the initial recording phase). But I’m little worried about things like level visualization and level control that are a bit easier to manage on a larger (computer) screen. Curious what your experience has been with it. My setup is a similar size to yours and I really like the idea of having some immediate way of recording so the workflow feels like it’s all of a piece with the instrument.


Have the opportunity to continue working remotely for a bit longer before my employer forces us back, so I’m in a rental apartment away from home and naturally had to bring a small recording setup to stay busy. Here’s my “spare bedroom dresser top” set up. Working in the box on MacBook and routing audio to iPad for sampling, processing, FX etc. with the iConnectivity interface.

The IK micro monitors are really impressive…they’re not Neumann or Genelec, but for something that’s literally as tall as my iPhone 12 mini, I’m honestly blown away.


This desire to be able to record without involving the computer is highly resonant for me.

I’m seriously considering a 4MS WAV Recorder, particularly after reading this article by Stretta:


I have the wav recorder and use it exactly as described in the article. I love it for its simplicity and ever ready nature.