The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

Added a mixpre to my system for recording sans computer last year, super duper happy with it.


The wave recorder is brilliant, I used to capture 20 minute blocks of nearly immobile soundscapes with mine, or just hit the button when I decided that “I’m apparently playing a song now”.

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Sweet dreams are made of this.


If you’re talking about the screen in the center of the pedalboard, it is just a Raspberry Pi running Orca, it has become my main sequencer.
The two small synths with the small displays at the bottom are Axolotis.


add a timer and you got a nice alarm clock. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I did record directly into the H6, and then mixed and mastered it in Audacity.

Honestly, compared to the fiddly potentiometers on my old PreSonus, the gain settings on the H6 are buttery smooth and really easy to adjust. The preamps also have a -20dB switch which makes it possible to record modular directly in. For me, the gain in immediacy makes it worth it, but if that’s ever not the case, it does work fine as an audio interface.

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Currently wondering how best to integrate my Norns Shield from @bob_ross (thanks btw, it’s great!) with my Deluge & Linnstrument setup.

The Synthstrom Deluge is clever, but it is not at all hackable. Some of its less-productive constraints have been ameliorated over time through the herculean efforts of, and continued firmware updates from, its creator in New Zealand. Connecting multiple USB MIDI devices is now possible with a powered hub, but it’s an extra plug anchoring one to the ground.

I’ve previously made small attempts at using a Raspberry Pi as a MIDI host & general toolbox for devices, but never got very far on my own, whereas the Lines community seems to have a lot more momentum to latch on to :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m very excited by the work going on in:

With these developments I’m very hopeful that Norns can become the tree-trunk sitting in the middle of everything: twisting but rooted.


I’m thinking about it thanks !!!

Wait a minute, what, how on earth did I miss this… I had no idea the Deluge was a local (to me) product!

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Indeed, they’re Wellington-based and proud! About - Synthstrom Audible

They do world tours as well: I met Ian and a few other users a couple of years ago in London, and then again in Berlin 2020. It’s a lovely community! They started Synthstrom TV in the last year in lieu of the in-person events: Synthstrom TV - Synthstrom Audible

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This looks so beautiful, I would love to have that view from my desk.


It’s a special place for sure! Lots of ticks, though, unfortunately.

love the simplicity of this setup :heart:

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Moving day. All that’s left of my little corner of happiness.

Sadly we’re moving to temporary accommodation until our new house is finished so new music corner may be a few months off. But at least I can play with the tracker and force on the couch!


Best of luck with the process! Just finished moving into a new place (with a very not-tiny music corner) and it’s been a brutal few weeks of that. I hope it’s as smooth as it can be for you.


I disassembled my studio corner this morning, the first step in redecorating the whole room. I can’t grasp the ridiculous amount of gear I managed to fit in, and perhaps even more so with all the cables, adapters and power strips. I think it is really time to let go of a lot of stuff that I hardly ever use…


Good luck with everything - we just moved on Friday so can sympathize!

I’ve managed to get a (tiny) room of my own for the first time, ostensibly my wfh office. I will definitely be incorporating a tiny studio corner, so will be reading back throught this thread for some tips.


Just me again :slight_smile: if anyone has the mangrove scroll i would love to take it off your hands to complete my set!


Temporary outdoor rain set up.


Downsized to this (shortwave radio is just out of shot). Don’t even miss owning an analog mono anymore. Still unsure if I’ll keep the freak. All I want is another small, crappy mixer for noise niceness. I used to have a room full of gear and rarely miss it. Getting a lot more done with the smaller footprint.