The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

Is that a real Naef Gloggomobil?


Yes it is! It’s a funny story- I found it on a website for $200 new… And if you know the normal price, I was sure it was a scam! But, on the off chance it wasn’t, I took a risk and ended up actually getting it.


I love the portable possibilities of a Teenage Engineering based setup. Early morning jam today testing a vintage Sony MX-12 minimal six track mixer in the kitchen/laundry area, one of my favorite corners :slight_smile:


What is that tiny record player?


Congratulations – the high price put me off, but the concept is so cute & effective, like the closest thing to a mechanical step sequencer. Last question, I promise, in order not to derail the thread: how many steps fit into one rotation?

i think its 18 but i don’t remember exactly. i composed a little melody for a show i did with it a few years ago and haven’t changed it since. i made a small chart to remember my compositions, so i should totally bust it out again and try some new ones soon!

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Hi @P1505 the little one is a Record Maker Toy Kit made by the japanese DIY magazine Gakken. It cuts and plays 5" dubplates - sounds VERY lofi but it’s amazing. I bought mine from Japan, but I know that it’s sold in USA by Turntable Lab.


Best speaker stand I’ve seen :ok_hand:

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The milk crate or the cardboard box? :joy:

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The light in the crate… ghetto scandi living!

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That shield stand is :fire:

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Thanks! Stamped sheet metal is a marvel of modern manufactury engineering.

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My little music-making/soldering corner


I really love looking at the pictures of all of your cute, tiny, tidy studios but I just wanted to know if anyone else functions like me? haha. Some years ago I cleaned up the old storage room in the basement to make a dedicated “tiny studio” but it didn’t take me long to end up back in the main room on the floor again. I am most comfortable working and composing on the floor and I have always found that having all my gear neatly set up makes me feel weird and uninspired, haha, so I prefer to just pull out whatever piece of gear I’m working with and compose on the floor. Does anyone else work best in chaos on the floor? My neighbours cat seems to enjoy it too :slight_smile:


Floor with cat creates a cozy space!

Do I see four Mangroves?!?


My theory is that one appears every time a picture is taken


good eye. Yes, for a long time I had a very simple 4 mangrove voice synth-thing going on. I am semi ashamed to say I haven’t turned it on in many months though. I’m basically only using the model:cycles at the moment and am debating dismantling my box of mangroves in favour of some fm synthesis modules.


Nothing to be semi-ashamed about! I suspect many of us cycle between focuses on a periodic basis.

I picked up a guitar for the first time in a few years the other night…. After a long time down the eurorack rabbit hole, I needed to reconnect with strings…

Now to rebuild callouses and muscle memory :sunglasses:


I’ve had to disassemble my “painters easel” studio corner, as we have our first child on the way and needed to shuffle things around to clear space, and while I could try to stack everything up on my piano, I think I’ll probably be spending much more time on the floor for the next couple of years, so this kind of setup might be the ideal :slight_smile:


So I actually do the same due to the space constraints but unfortunately my back starts to hurt really quickly :< I tried to lay gear on cheapest ikea tables to lift it a little of ground but still not comfortable on long runs.