The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

Wait, what is that? Looks gorgeous.

It’s called a Dirtywave M8
It’s a tiny tracker that runs on a teensy.
It’s got a crazy amount of features, I couldn’t really do it justice just typing a paragraph here, search it on YouTube.


After months of having this little extra room as a storage room / junk pile I’ve finally got a little corner.
Trying work out away to make space for my more ///// aligned gear setup but it’s nice for now.
Btw, the roland sk-88 on the right there is a seriously underrated machine which I am fully in love with :heart_eyes_cat:


Had never heard of it, but seems awesome. Special place in my heart for those old GM sounds. :relieved:


Sold my Mother 32 to fund an upgrade to a 9u travel case from Ikocase. Got everything moved over into it and had a nice little jam this afternoon. Still need to make some blanks to cover the gaps but am glad to have the room to grow. AND, since it gathers everything up so well, my partner okay’d it living on the dresser in our room, so now I get to have a nice, semi-permanent little setup instead of having everything squirreled away in drawers and closets. Very excited for how convenient it’s going to make diving into some soundbathing. :blush:


Looks lovely.
Naive question… why have you got a kbd plugged into Norns? What’s Norns running?
What are you making with this setup? I’d love to hear some.
Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s PHONOTYPE, by @sixolet! She played it in the latest flash crash. Very much like TELETYPE but, of course, on Norns, and it makes sound directly.

I have yet to make anything particularly musical but I will post when I do!


just joined team ikea pegboard and getting everything all situated. feelin a really good vibe from this setup! can’t believe it’s taken me this long to just mount the damn thing on the wall. this is coming after a loooong spell of floor-based synth zones, which were always nice in theory but never actually made for an enticing place to sit and play with music, as much as i love the floor. i’ve been needing a more comfortable spot for the synths, and to be able to have the lil system accessible while also leaving space for drawing or computer is really just making me happy : )


Love, love, love this. Wish it were my space.


Lighting is so important, color temperature, lumens, position… looks great!


slick lookin set-up. What linux distro and desktop are you runnin on there?

thanks! good ol’ stock ubuntu. here’s the performance!

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ooh what is this, some supercollider or csound stuff? couldn’t really get what’s going on (I see lua somewhere but)

@license and i are pair programming. we each have tmux up so we can see each others screens. i’m on the left, he’s on the right. i’m writing lua, he’s writing super collider.

we’re ssh’d into a digital ocean droplet. this has a small server running on it: GitHub - sidereal-lobby/fcv-server: node-based websocket server for FCV performance

whenever we save a file, the server watches for it and pushes the changes down to both of our norns.

we are each running the same script on both our norns: GitHub - sidereal-lobby/fcv: livecoding norns platform for fcv

this script listens for lua and supercollider changes and intelligently/aesthetically incorporates our real time updates to the composition.

aside from being a total blast to perform together like this, there’s also a curious phenomenon of time. since we’re dealing with asynchronous (non-blocking) operations and the variability of internet reliability, we can never be sure each of us is hearing the same thing. in fact, we can count on each of us hearing slightly different things. where is the real composition? is it both norns? neither?


This is pretty generous :sweat_smile: but it is really fun!


I vaguely remember an interview with William Gibson, years ago, discussing the nature of cyberspace, and where it existed. WG drew the analogy of a phone conversation, and where that happened. Both parties are talking into handsets, so although each side of the conversation is happening there, the whole thing is actually happening in the wires/cables/space(s) between the handsets.

Possibly an oversimplification, reductive even, but I remember it gave me a good handle on the overall concept.


I think we can take it further. At least from my understanding of relativity, there are no universal moments a. The passage of time is local, and it expands and contracts.


wow, thanks a lot for the explanation! real cool stuff

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new workspace ~


gimme that and a norns for two weeks, with woodlands outside