The Tiny Studio Corner Thread

Put up some pegboard in the corner of my tiny studio, and some cables grew on it…

Hoping to use this space as a recording nook for home-made instruments!


I really like that small clip-on mic holder, did you make that? Also, what mics are those?

Those clip on mic holders are more commonly sold for photography gear, but you can change the thread on the hot shoe mount to fit a mic thread, super useful!


It’s complicated! The clip-on mic holder is cobbled together from a bunch of studio bric-a-brac: the clamping bit itself is borrowed from a gooseneck pop filter stand, which is fitted to a hinged tripod mount from a different microphone. I had exactly what I needed in mind, but couldn’t find it anywhere, and this works well!

The microphones themselves are Art Audio M6 pencil condensers :slight_smile: Which have done a great job so far! Especially for close-mic’ ing the toy glockenspiel, with so little captured room sound that I’m able to monitor them live through my speakers feedback-free.


mind slightly blown

need to sit down and watch that latest flashscrash


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as @license said it may be ughh… slightly less than “intelligent”

let us know if you have any questions about what’s going on with the code :slight_smile:

A slightly edited picture of my modular. It’s 84 + 104 hp. For me the process of prioritizing modules and working with limitations feels creative.

I have some ideas how to rearrange the modules within the case for more convenient patching.

Of course, the modules in the case are constantly exposed to my hard judging. On modulargrid I have an idea… One more step sequencer (A-161) will replace A-182-1 (passive switched multiple). I have a polivoks filter in sick bay, it might make it to the rack. Exchanging A-150 (dual switch)…

No external sequencing. The pedal is my delay.



Picked up a couple of work benches and used it as an opportunity to move everything around. Looking forward to settling into this much more comfortable and functional configuration!


Far too clean!
Man I’ve got to get one of those Neotrellis Grids.
Excellent set-up! do you use the big screen above for any DAW related stuff?

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Not the most ergonomic/practical if I wanna use all these things at once but ok for now


Wow that Mac Plus there’s ton of memories I haven’t seen in a while. What do you use it for in music?


Just dug it out of the cupboard so not done much yet beyond spending hours trying and failing to upgrade the RAM (the 4mb i bought on ebay like 7 years ago and never got round to trying don’t work apparently) but the main plan is to get Laurie Spiegel’s ‘Music Mouse’ going, probably midi-controlling Nord Micromodular or - if I can figure out whether Quicktime 2.0 on a Mac Plus is even possible!?!? - using the general midi instruments for vaporwave/dungeon synth purposes. :slight_smile:

ALSo, any number of random small weird music apps, SoundEdit, revisiting ancient childhood sound experiments in Super Studio Session, etc :slight_smile: In the photo it’s running ‘Hendrix’ which is mysterious freeware thing that simply plays super lo-fi guitar samples using the screen as an XY controller, fun.

also non-music wise: game/hypercard nostalgia and pixelart/animation future

Gonna try and find good ram and also a new battery so it saves the time and control panel settings. I have Big Mess O’ Wires ‘FloppyEmu’ running as an SD-card based virtual hard drive, so I have disk space which would have been unimaginable back in the day (I remember my parents spending like £2000 on a 500mb hard drive for the office at one point :smiley: )


GM synth on a Plus sounds implausible to me. I don’t think it really existed until the end of the 68k era, and Moore’s Law really hit hard in those days.

I’m not sure if M will run on a Plus. If it does it’s very cool. I had a period where I just had an old Yamaha XG thing hanging off my Quadra’s serial port and made Reich pastiche with cheesy marimba sounds. There’s a lot of small half-racks with serial ports that you can connect directly.


Yeah probably… I do remember as a kid seeing QuickTime running on some kind of bw mac but it’s not looking too promising for any version that has QuickTime instruments

I do have M on there and it does open at least, so should be good

Try MusicWorks too, if you haven’t already! More of a chiptune sound than a General MIDI one, from what I remember, but good times.

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No, it’s just a TV-set in front of my sofa

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I have been working with a floor based set up for a number of years now and am just starting to feel that I might need to rethink this strategy. I don’t have a lot of money for a fancy desk but I do have a really large dining room table top that I’ve been working with. An economic idea: put the table top on 2 saw horses. Advantages: cheap, modular, uses materials I have, can walk all the way around it. Disadvantages, might not be super stable… that’s all I can think of at the moment. Does anyone work with something like this? I’d love to hear opinions on this idear… Otherwise I’m planning to get sawhorses on Tuesday.


I use two ikea trestle legs and an old solid core door I picked up at a salvaged/re-use kind of place. Alltogether I think the setup cost 25 bucks total and I’ve been using it without problems for probably about 5 years now! Do it!


For a few years my live set was fixed on two thin (half a centimeter) multiply wood boards, the size of the inside of an emptied solid guitar case. I put them on two saw horses, I never had stability problems. I love that they fold and I take them when I go to play. It is not very good looking but I always know what the “table situation” will be like when I go play, which helps muscle memory (fixed stuff at a fixed high). I recommend it !