The traveling cassette tape (an experiment)

I’ve done the Wabash tape already but would love to put something different on the Angel tape if that’s still moving around somewhere.


Apologies if my squatting on it for so long upset anyone else, I’ll set it loose this week. Realize it causes the project to slow down, but I’d rather not see people self-judging and/or excusing themselves from participating, or risk there being a norm of chiding people for having other obligations/priorities come up in their lives.

That said, anyone in Seattle want to hop on Wabash? If no one local sends me a message by tomorrow morning I’ll pass it along to @huron.



Perhaps one way to approach would be to encourage people to send it on after a week even if they haven’t added anything to it yet. If the tape stays moving then they can get it again later when they have more time to contribute. If the tapes stay moving then it’s no real loss to jump in later.

There’s lots of ways a trip someplace helps the project move forward even without having more music added:

  • Maybe the recipient doesn’t have time to add to the tape but does have time to make a digital backup of it at that moment.

  • Maybe it moves the tape closer to whoever the next recipient might be.

  • Added call for the next recipient might attract someone new to the thread who then gets involved.

  • Maybe someone enjoys just listening to it because it’s a unique object in the world at that moment.

For those of us eager to see tapes move through to completion, normalizing messages of “Hey it’s ok to send it on without adding to it, you can join in later when you’re able and that will still be fun.”

For those of us beset with time/creative crunches or gear failures, normalizing “Hey I’m not letting anyone down by waiting until later to add my voice to this project. I can send it on to the next person and still have fun with this project.”


Love this reframing, @Gahlord :purple_heart: Appreciate the focus on foundations of a culture/norms and self-regulation.

And another way to participate, at least with the US tapes, are the notebooks that can be added to/augmented without adding any audio to the tape at all. I think so far every entry has accompanied an audio track but it will be interesting to see if that relation changes at all over time. Inspired by the first tape in this thread I started a similar project in the area but since I swim more in art circles than music circles it has a strong “additional materials” component that has had more participation than additions to the tape itself.


Thank you for sending on the tape, much appreciated! I started some tapes to make myself feel a little better about a depressing situation in the hopes that other people involved would also feel better. I don’t think a gentle reminder is unreasonable when someone has been holding onto a tape for an extended period. I specifically mentioned it wasn’t a problem that you didn’t have time to record anything–we all understand people can get caught up with other things. Sorry if it came off harshly to you—I didn’t mean for it to make you feel bad.

@Gahlord thanks for your creative thoughts on ways to view the project.


Since you replied first, I’ll go ahead and send you the tape @Gahlord can you please add @Demure to the PM group?