The Travelling Rack Project

So recently my photographer wife took part in a “Travelling Dress” project, where different photographers all take photos of the same dress on different models all around the world. I jokingly said, “What would my equivalent be?”

It got me thinking about @andrewhuang’s “Band In A Box” video I saw a while back (BAND IN A BOX CHALLENGE! - YouTube) and also the Lunchbox Inspiration thread (42/54 hp Lunchbox Inspiration)

Wouldn’t it be cool to do a “Travelling Rack” project where we send a small eurorack case around the world and have different musicians film themselves making music with it, either by itself or plugged into their larger systems?!

I’d really like to do this properly, and want to reach out to a couple of businesses who might sponsor the insured postage of the rack, but want to have something to approach them with. I know that a lot of module makers are on the forum, as well as a lot of people that DIY their modules.

Could you donate a small, versatile module to the project? I’m looking for things that could be used in a number of ways by different artists. If this sounds like something you or your company would like to support, please email:

hello AT awonderfulkindofimpossible DOT co DOT uk

Right now I’m not looking for participants, as I’m really in the early planning stages, but hopefully this could be something amazing for the future.




Great idea!

I’m not a company or anything but would happily donate a Doepfer A119 external input module. It’s quite versatile in the things you can use it for.
I’ll email you a bit later.

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Not a company, but I have a couple of module I soldered that I’d happily give away that fit the bill ( like the befaco sampling modulator, lot of different usage possibilities).

Looks like a great project!


I can contribute a Fonitronik 4-input 6hp DC mixer (works with audio too) if that would help!

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@Simeon — I think did something similar as a promotion for their shuttle system (I am half remembering this from a marketing campaign I half paid attention to). Might be worth checking against their FB / IG and reaching out to those chaps about logistics etc


Emailed earlier offering my Bastl Tromsø.

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I believe I have a Barton kick drum (8hp) module I could donate to the cause. I’ll double check when I get home Friday.

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Woah! Blown away by everyone’s generosity! I was hoping 3 or 4 companies would reach out over the next few weeks to offer their own modules, but to have just generous, kind community members offer their own modules in just a couple of hours - Wow!

What I’ll do if it’s okay with everyone is wait a few days to get the bulk of responses, and then have a look at what has been offered and try to put together some kind of small, cohesive collection of modules.

Thanks everyone so much! This community always surprises me!!


I’d be happy to contribute a Fonitronik Cascade, a 4hp triple attenuverter/offset/mixer, about as small and versatile as it gets. It’s 66mm deep though, won’t fit in some skiff enclosures.

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Fun! I could find a module or two to contribute. Maybe an Asteroid BD or NLC Bong0

I’d be happy to contribute a two tone and/or an attenuated nearness to the project!


Excellent idea. I’ve had a Radio Music Mikrophonie sitting around for awhile and this seems like the perfect use for it. I’ll shoot you an email presently.

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I don’t know if you have a case in mind, but I just recently got some steel back from the laser cutter for some custom cases I’m working on. I don’t think I’m going to be needing the small one after all and I think it could possibly work quite well for this project. I just have to have it powdercoated and install rails, but otherwise it would be 4u x 70hp. Its built around intellijel 1u but could be easily modified before paint to accept pulplogic, too. It’s fairly shallow, however at around 58mm. Ill post pictures with more specs when I’m back in my shop (hopefully tomorrow).
Holler if it’s of any interest, I’d love to be able to contribute!

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Hey! Thanks everyone for your offers! I think we’re approaching a point where some of these modules seem to fit together nicely. I’ll have a think and then approach some companies directly with a couple more requests.

@Smoth regarding the case, I was just going to laser-cut something tiny in acrylic - I was thinking much smaller than 70hp! But thanks for the offer.


It might be cool if the rack was sent around with an 8hp gap for people to fill with a single module of their choosing (whether it fills that gap completely or not). Then you not only get to see how the system changes based on whose playing it, but also how a single element can alter that system.

I like the idea but it might just be simpler to let people use other gear they have with it without needing to be in the rack.

That would also open up to people without a modular but having other interesting gear to use with :slight_smile: