The Trilogy is now a Quintet, limits to TT interaction?

Just wondering… I already have 2 Earthseas, a MP and a WW and I’m about to add another WW to be Kria all the time, the other is Orca… Is there now, or will there be, a limit to how many so called Trilogy modules (clearly we need new nomenclature) can talk to Teletype?
I ask because I need to re-organise my case to make space for this second WW.


currently you can’t TT talk to two earthseas at once.

and you’ll need a custom cable with more headers to connect more than 3 modules to the TT. this will actually work with orca because it’s on a different address.

i’ve made a TT breakout header PCB that’s a sort of splitter. e-mail and i could hook you up with a preview version.