The Unknowing - n-So

Hello lines! Just wanted to share my new album that I’m releasing today on bandcamp friday.

Over the last two years I’ve been trying to learn how to play and record drums, and this album is the first result of that process, combining drums with the palm-muted piano and roland synth stuff I’ve been doing for a while. UK Jazz has been an obsession lately, so there’s some of that influence in there too.

12’’ Vinyl copies are available for pre-order now at the bandcamp link.

Thank you so much for listening!

More details about gear/process/etc.

Will be updating this more over the next few days, but wanted to put some extra stuff here in case anyone is interested.

Everything that was tracked live was recorded with a pair of Oktava 012’s and an SM57.

Synths: Roland SH2, Juno-6
Hardware Effects: Roland RE-501, Erbe-Verb, Norns
Software Effects: PSP-2445, VintageVerb, Echoboy, Decapitator


You just don’t miss, do you? I’m only on “Wake Up” and I already know this is gonna see heavy rotation.

The Jazz influences are really nice. I said “ooooooo” and then “yes, chords” out loud while listening.


This is so good! Oozing taste and tone and all things n-So. Cheers, Nick!


stunning work nick, this will be in heavy rotation (edit: omg i realized i must have mindmelded with @alanza cuz i just said the exact same thing :rofl: september soundtrack all across the land !!) :relaxed: congratulations !!

also i’m curious to hear about the inspiration/ process of the cover artwork


thank you so much, yall are the best :innocent:


so the album is a reflection about a lot of things going on in my life at the moment, but the short story is that I’m in a very sort of up-in-the-air transitional part of my life where I don’t know what’s next and I’m having to make some big decisions and big changes.

and something I think we can all relate to is having that voice inside your head constantly telling you all the worst things, is super critical of yourself, tells you that you’ll fail, etc. It can be very hard to distance yourself from this internal voice and realize that it’s not really you, it’s just your emotions and your brain giving itself something to do.

I wanted to visually represent this in the cover art somehow, and while making the album I was getting into older Japanese art and the dragon started to pop into my head as a potential way to represent that toxic voice inside you.

I’ve had my eye on the artist Eva Redamonti’s work for a while and knew she’d be able to nail the concept, and she sure did! I told her about the general concept, and gave her the freedom to execute it basically however she wanted. Only took her a couple drafts and it was basically all there. She really beautifully represented exactly what I wanted- this sort of surreal blending between the dragon and myself, with pieces of myself being torn out and the dragon twisting through the empty space left behind.


Being a jazz head and loving the palm muted piano sound (thank you Dawn of MIDI!) I’m really looking forward to listening to this.

AND I got a Qrates email saying A Stroke of Blue isn’t far away too.

Double yay :slight_smile: