Themed Compilation - re:natura #01 – Symbiosis

I’m proud to present our first compilation with a diverse roster of artist also featuring members of lines!

A term coined in the 19th century but only accepted broadly in the late 1900s, symbiosis explains many of the multifaceted relationships in our ecosystems.
Symbiosis is found in beneficial relationships (Mutualism) but can also take on harmful aspects as in parasitism.

In re:natura #01: Symbiosis, our first thematic compilation, we explore these ideas sonically.
Twelve distinct artist from around the world share their individual approaches:
Ranging from DuChamps monumental dronescapes in Compendio Delle Parti to Disrupts dubby explorations in Kelp Forest to Piaka Roelas environmental meditations in Enjambre Onirico, Symbiosis bridges not only the gap between science and art but also between experimental and pop.

We invite you to join us in our endeavours: Stay tuned for our future endeavours!

As non-profit artist collective, we’ve decided to donate all of our proceed to Friends Of Nature Germany to support a healthy biodiversity.

Ihre Spende für den Naturschutz – Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND)


#01 Disrupt - Kelp Forest
#02 Sithara / Kablehead - Mutualism
#03 DuChamp - Compendio delle Parti
#04 Nils Panda / Oh No Noh - Wolves / Ravens
#05 Piaka Roela - Enjambre Onírico
#06 Collin Thomas - Armillaria
#07 Gunuph - The Commensalists
#08 Lapis Elle - Pangur Stripes
#09 Friederike Jäger - Wenn es nichts zu jagen gibt
#10 Isostatic - Coral and Algae
#11 zeitzuzeit - Mond
#12 JacqNoise ft. Ausklang - Dialectic