Theoryboard kickstarter

this tickle anyone’s fancy?

as i mentioned on another forum, i’d love to get this and trash all my chord/scale books.

It tickled my fancy enough to think about how I might implement it as a monome app.

And then I forgot all about it.

But it’s an interesting concept, for sure. I don’t think it will enable you to trash your theory books though. It’s still a pretty large possibility space, and finding your way through that possibility space will certainly be easier if informed by knowledge and experience.

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lol, it’s like a digital accordion or autoharp.

maybe not completely trash them but having not to look at them on the regs would be quite the treat.

i often work in a variety of modes and obscure scales, so removing some of the guess work involved would be grand.

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I hear you. I do a lot of this type of thing with Ableton MIDI effects at the moment, personally.

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Don’t dis my Omnichord, dude!


aye, i used to do the same back in the day but my composition stage doesn’t use the computer, so something like this is ideal to my workflow.

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Accordians and autoharps are good instruments. Yours looks good too.

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t-minus 60min

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