Therevox - a Canadian boutique take on the Ondes Martenot

Fascinating take on the Ondes Martenot, with a very pleasant sounding 2 oscillator synth built in too. Beautifully made. Waiting list for one is about 12-16 months I’m told currently.

This seems such a Lines thing I’m surprised the search returns no hits for it. Anybody around here have one?

Edit: one very cool feature is the translation to both CV (on all models) and MIDI (on the ET-4.3) using 2 or 4 octave pitchbend - so you can play another synth using the brilliant interface.


I was looking at this the other day. Part of me kind of wishes that instead of having the synth it has it just had a euro case there and a built in CV module. I feel like if I had one the first thing I would want to do is use it to control another synth. Definitely really cool though. And great looking.

Talk to them, they do custom builds. You could probably get exactly that.

Maybe some day. The build quality looks amazing.

I don’t have the space or the money now though.


I bought mine in 2017 and never regret it. It’s an amazing synth with lots of expressiveness and a great sounding spring reverb in it. It’s built like a tank, I made many gigs and never failed one. A bit tricky at first to play with perfect intonation but once you get the feeling you’ll never part from it.