Thicket Whispers - a Ciat Lonbarde album

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Here’s a new digital release:
Thicket Whispers

A dark ambient/noise/drone/“wall of sound” album made with Ciat Lonbarde instruments.

YouTube Trailer:

The main instruments were a Sidrax Organ, a Cocoquantus 2 and a Meng Qi Rollz-5+. Additionally, I used an old Sony dictaphone to capture ukulele, dishwasher and fidgeting sounds and I also played some notes on the ThumbJam iOS App a few of times. All sounds, apart from the Rollz-5 once or twice, were sent through the Cocoquantus. Everything was recorded on a Zoom R16 multitracker and mixed and mastered in Steinberg’s Cubasis 2 App on an iPad Pro.

Here are some free download codes:

afrr-kv7j (used)

k5nm-5lln (used)
k8a6-7a5e (used)
nzfk-5723 (used)

my52-7544 (used)
bk6a-vuea (used)

… redeem one here:

Let me know how you like it. This is my first time getting deep into the Ciat Lonbarde universe and - of course - it’s quite amazing and a different kind of music making. I particularly enjoyed the dynamics and the wide stereo sounds.

Edit: behind the scenes picture


great great great! thanks for sharing. i only have Plumbutter and Shnth but absolutely love them and they both find way into my records!

oh, and is sounds gorgeous so far. this is the sound i’m very well into.


Thank you! It’s really odd how different I use these instruments compared to my other modular synths. I feel like it is easier to “patch from scratch” with the Ciat Lonbarde devices and keep things interesting. There isn’t a lot (if anything at all) that one has to pre-patch in order to get some sounds out of them, so one can just turn up the volume and slowly add one cable after the other and create an evolving music piece out of it without things getting too monotonous.


exactly, that mirrors my experience with plumbutter. also, it definitely has its sound — and overcoming its obviousness is an inspiring, fruitful and creative challenge too — however strange it may sound.

i also love to add it to my Eurorack and Buchla 208, it still comes through adding whole another dimension.
Here’s a little something from this morning —

i should come across a cocoquantus soon.


Thanks. I used nzfk-5723.

Listening shortly.

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Nice! That sounds out of this world :+1: I’m already thinking about selling my Rollz-5+ to get some funds for a Plumbutter 2 :sweat_smile:

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thanks! i think plumbutter 2 (and that’s what i have) is a very worthy purchase. very very much so.
in this track, for example, it is used non-drummatically lol

(lower bassy things that appear later in the track)

I really like this a lot! How it combines the Ciat Lombarde textures with the sound and melody snippets of modular composition. Thank you very much for sharing this!


I used k8a6-7a5e

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I used afrr-kv7j

Looking forward, thanks for your kindness :pray:t2:

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Thank you! Looking forward to hearing it :smiley:

I used code my52-7544

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Thanks, I used:

Looking forward to listening : )

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Thanks for this — really digging it.

I used bk6a-vuea.

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Thank you for sharing!

I thought I used my52-7544 but it looks like I’m not the only one? Weird

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I listened to the whole album last night, it’s fascinating how strange and unfamiliar these instruments sound. It was a very adventurous listening experience and I enjoyed it. I’d be very interested if you would share how did you build these tracks. Did you record live? Did you multitrack? These kind of things.


very excited to give this a listen today CL synths are really it for me
I feel some recording coming up myself!
will report back for sure


…and how do you patch Sid into Coco - just the 3.5 audio, or using bananas (or both)?! :thinking:

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@ThanosF @Helen
Thank you :slight_smile:

I would start making some sounds, either with the Sidrax Organ, the dictaphone (ukulele and dishwasher) or ThumbJam, through the Cocoquantus and patch for a little bit to find a direction and then unpatch, hit record and go through the patching and tweaking again. This usually set up a main “theme” for the track upon I’d multirack some layers afterwards. The Sidrax Organ audio would always go through the Cocoquantus via the stereo 3.5mm sockets, but for modulation I did often patch the two devices together with bananas. I especially like the left grey input of the Sidrax which FMs all oscillators. The yellow “obelisk” outputs of the Cocoquantus (which sound like an organ, as heard in the track “Midnight”) are really wild and cool for FM and as a straight audio source.

The Rollz-5 is good for drones and those weird rhythms. I mostly sent its audio through the Cocoquantus as well, but not always. It’s also a really nice instrument to patch live.

Everything was always recorded in stereo, because that’s a big part of the Ciat Lonbarde experience in my opinion. The tracks all consist of two to six stereo recordings. I only did some minor editing of mistakes on two of those and the rest were taken as they were and just mixed and mastered in the Cubasis 2 DAW. Mastering effects are a subtle reverb, various compressors and EQs that would mostly just lower the high frequencies a bit (I like the Cocoquantus noise, but sometimes it can become very dominant up there).

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Oh, and this whole thing was created in one day. I spent the Christmas holidays alone for the first time in my life this year (it’s all good) and on the 24th I woke up and had the urge to finally record that Ciat Lonbarde album. So I made music for 14 hours straight that day and just powered through this project from the first patch and recording to the album artwork and YouTube video. I went to bed at 4am. It has been worth it :metal: Thank you all for the support and this great community!


Purchased. Love it! Great work!

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Thank you! And that is an impressively fast turnaround, to get all that done in 14 hours!
I really like the album - thank you again! - And I hope you have been able to rest a little now! :grinning:


Yes, well, I consider that music making time almost as “rest” time. It certainly gave me a lot of energy and peace of mind. I even got the feeling that I wanted to clean and tidy up the whole apartment after that project, something which I usually only have when I’m relaxed, so that’s a good sign :smiley: