Thinking about buying a 128 Grid

Just starting to get into monome. I’m considering getting a 128 sized grid, but:

  • What are some of the pros/cons of varibright vs non. Will I miss much going with an older non-varibright model?
  • Is the walnut case just aesthetic or is there more to it?
  • General pointers/reading for someone just starting out would be welcome.I’m planning on using this to integrate this into my modular system.


you’ll absolutely want variable brightness for the modules. they are far more intuitive this way.

2012 is variable brightness plus walnut. later models are aluminum. the walnut is purely aesthetic.


was looking for a comparison here - walnut grid seems to have the same dimensions - I believe this was addressed at the time the aluminium was announced - 2014 walnut grid will sit and level nicely next to the 2016 new arc?

no-- the new arc is the same height as the new grid, both which are much thinner than the 2012 walnut edition, which matches the 2012 arc.

Ok but functionality wise I’m Ansible proof and that’s what matters :sunglasses: