Thinking of downsizing my rig. Thoughts?

I’m looking to add a bit more performance elements to my setup, I.e.: Linnstrument, EWI, laptop and plugins.

Thinking of going from this:

to this:


looks like the plan, i would lose the rings for a WT like piston honda though

Gosh - you got me thinking about this now.

This is what I have. It’s a little all over the place except for the monome / mannequins stuff:

What can I get rid of / replace?

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same dilemma

keeping my mannequins/monome & IFM stuff for sure and my O&C

tell me about that Tidal Wave thing

I recently sold Clouds. After awhile it seemed to not fit.

I’ve seen a number of folks with the IFM modules. What do you like about them?

How did you prioritize which modules you keep and which you get rid of? I’ve stuck to a 6U system for many years, with occasional module swapping in/out, but my priorities have always been maximizing function per space, which leads to a lot of compact or multi-functional modules.

For example, is the Rainmaker essential to your aims? It takes up one-third of a row, so it would be the first thing I’d consider abandoning unless I absolutely adored it.

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they are essential to my process now. Swoop, Sprott and Fourses are incredible sound modifiers and generators.
I like chaotic systems originally for granular concerns but now to add complexity to drone situations or pseudo-randomness

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I do like Rainmaker. Very flexible middle or end of path mods. I have another mockup of the possible 6U with a 4ms DLD. About half the space requirement of RM and satisfies my loop/delay needs.

If I do make this move, the plugins, etc I have on the laptop and IPad should reinforce anything missing from the modular.

Come to think of it, delay/loop could be offloaded to laptop/iPad as well…

I’ve done a similar thing, where synth functions are all contained in the synth (generally set up to be enough for at least four voices in any setup), and effects are all on a pedalboard run off a mixer. But then, it runs into the problem of not being as compact as I could get it. The laptop is a good way to condense that.

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Wow. massive reduction!

What would you do with all the Verbos gear? I didn’t fail to notice you’ve got a Bark Filter in there–it’s not even available yet.

I like the way you have attenuverters liberally deployed throughout; I didn’t know about that compact SSF passive attenuator. Pretty cool little module.

Other unrelated: Trout Mask Replicant! Great name!

Seems there are multiple endorsements above too for the IFM modules. Noted!

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I probably would take Braids over PH for what I do.

ooooooooh black panel erbe verbe oooooooooooh

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if i do not reduce the debt “Cosmo from Killing of a Chinese Bookie” what do you guys think about the last 4HP?

i would be grateful for some ideas, thinking a Qu-bit NanoRand. but i would appreciate FB

To determine what can be removed from a system, I usually break my system down into core components and audio / control paths-- put each module into a group based on that module’s primary purpose or the primary way you use it, then think about the different routings each group can have between each other. I typically break categories into audio sources, cv sources, audio manipulation (filters, effects), and utilities (cv manipulation, vca).

Generally speaking, my best rigs were when I had a very few number of audio sources (3 max in 2x104hp) and a higher number of cv sources. Utilities should be balanced across both of those-- e.g., you probably want at least 1 vca per voice in your system, and more vcas (audio or CV) wherever you want to add dynamics. Fill in the rest with effects, if that’s your thing.

I also put a high priority on workflow, which usually means having a greater number of utility modules.


FWIW this is my main system

i think the guys really nailed the layout for isms, not having to worry about utilities removes the weird feeling of regret you have by putting them in your rack. that said, even this system is a bit bloated at times, but it has potential to create a wide variety of sounds.

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@shreeswifty - Yes, nanorand might be a good addition. Or a Disting… I didn’t take to that one, but most seem to like it.

BTW: I notice you have ODIO as well. Great module!

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yes my other rack is my control rig with my ES modules in it
The ODIO works great as another set of CV from CVtoolkit, connecting the Ipad/pure data and also for an Oscilloscope function [via ipad] as well

Yes, the Bark has been a planned edition. Verbos told me yesterday that it will ship to dealers next week.

Yeah, I don’t know. I’d like to downsize, but I really do enjoy and use the modules I have. Has taken me awhile to get to this particular setup.