This is LINES

This is LINES.

A gathering place for discussion about sound, process, and technology. To foster the exchange of ideas: an in-depth response to a newly discovered album, or a possible solution to a common programming/patching issue, or a curious use of toasted pumpkin seeds and mango (you can easily mute categories that are outside your interest.)

We’re very glad to have you. Say hello. Check out the list of best threads as a starting point, and please take a moment to read the community guidelines below.

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Community Guidelines

lines is a space that embraces civil dialogue, which can sometimes challenge biases through discussion and analysis. Diversity of thought is valued and encouraged.

Empathy is the core of communication on lines. Disagreement can remain healthy if each member: a) assumes positive intent and b) genuinely seeks to understand others.

Flagging is a tool for members to help moderators identify communication that does not exhibit empathy. To foster the growth of our community’s culture, all members should be held to a clear system of accountability.

When a post is flagged for incivility, a moderator will review it:

  • If the moderator agrees, they will contact the flagged member and share the community’s feedback. Members are not punished for their ideas or opinions, but they are held accountable for their presentation. The mod will encourage a revision of the post or other necessary action.
  • If the moderator disagrees, they will share their review with the flagging member to help guide good discourse.

If the flagged member receives additional related flags:

  • Their ability to post will be temporarily revoked.
  • A moderator will be available to discuss their actions and community impact.
  • If they express interest in remaining a contributing member of the lines community, they will be re-granted posting privileges after one week.

If, upon their return, the member does not demonstrate growth toward more empathetic communication (weighed by additional flags or other measures), this will be grounds for account termination.

lines is an inclusive community. Its moderators are committed to the respectful treatment of all community members. Hate speech or other targeted aggression is not tolerated.

Read more in the FAQ.