Thomas Brinkmann

Any ideas what the taped up filter/eq is on here?

Appreciated Thomas Brinkmann’s work for a long time, just stumbled on this vid the other day


I do not.
But came to thank you for this performance link. :trophy:

I also don’t know what’s in the box, but it’s a really nice performance!

Maybe it’s a digital controller of sorts? It looks like there’s a laptop in there too doing some sort of signal processing

Neither do I, but I also want to thank you for the video. Very interesting! There’s two things I find very interesting about this: one is that he never does cue the sound from the turntable while making changes to the clicks on the vinyls, changing phase or speeding them up / slowing them down, which is at the same time weird and interesting because it makes the process totally transparent to the listener. The other one is the extreme minimalism of the performance which he is able to turn into a great complexity of sound. I don’t know if the exact type of EQ/filter is really making a huge different here, though it certainly makes a different that he is using it to shape the sound. But I might be wrong of course.

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I read somewhere that the ‘Klick’ album (which sounds similar to this video) is made with digital delays and a vestal isolator, the isolator rack version have similar big knobs but it’s not more than a guess from this angle!

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Yes, I think you’re correct regarding the isolator, I was thinking something like a vestax dcr 1200 and a delay & reverb.

The brutal minimalism is really refreshing. Btw there’s another recent vid on ursss which I found quite inspiring, well worth checking out.