Thoughts on Chipmusic

Not samples, but the Audiothing Minibit is an 8-bit emulation. I bought it on sale and I really like the sounds I can get out of it.

I need samples so I can embed them and fill a memory bank on a small 8-bit console for a project. I’ve pulled the x0x drum samples from audio/common, I removed the headers and converted them to big-endian, I will play with that for now :slight_smile: Trying to write a little 8-bit drum machine in assembly.

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monolase is 8bit only

(could be a cool port to uxn)
plz use whatever you’d like (k-blamo)

all the amiga st sample disks are available on the internet archive in 8bit wav format: Amiga Soundtracker Sample Packs (ST-XX) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

you’ll find a lot of nice short drums, as well as synth one shots, brass, sfx etc : )
many sounds are very high pitched to save memory.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I have more than I need with the norns samples and the amiga collection :slight_smile:


I was wondering if you had any installation tips on the FPGASID into the SID GUTS Deluxe. I have a SID GUTS DIY and I’m looking to upgrade from the ol SwinSID (I did order some SwinSID Ultimates but… they don’t work as plug-and-play… and support for those is non-existent so… eesh). For example, both the manuals for the Deluxe and GUTS / DIY mention the jumpers on the back of the units being optional if using a SwinSID - I was wondering if that was the same for the FPGASID. Or if the FPGASID needed any configuration before being popped right onto the back of the module.


New Nintendo DS music rom posted on chipmusic, looks fun: Nintendo ds rom : launchpad, pseudo synth, tracker - my ugly ZhootPad (Page 1) - Nintendo Handhelds - Forums -


No configuration needed. You will need to bend some pins on the Sid Guts Deluxe to create space to fit the chip in. But it’s not as scary as it sounds, and is totally worth it, the FPGASID is great.

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I don’t use a DAW or LSDJ but this looks fun, VST which emulates gameboy and includes uptions for synching up to 4 instances of LSDJ, & other nice features

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Oh that’s cool! Can’t try it out right now, haven’t got a windows machine yet. How’s the sound quality?

Yep, that’s what I was using here:

The thing is quite handy, and I just got up and going on my new Linux workstation.

Haven’t noticed any issues with it, but I am going to run it side-by-side with a DMG for comparison at some point here (as elaborated in the linked post). If you’re running Linux, it’s not too difficult to get up and going; I use Carla, and there are other ways to accomplish it (LMMS, for instance, though I had some snags with that one). There’s also a standalone version, though I haven’t tried that one myself.


At this point I’m pretty much just re-sharing anything anyone finds and posts on but here’s a new gameboy drone rom!


I love working with lsdj, it’s a really fun sequencer. I go through phases of making chipmusic but then forget it exists, and then go through another phase of making chipmusic, and another phase of not.
I really want to get an arduinoboy and use lsdj to control other synths, and orca to control the gameboy (maybe even use lsdj with softsynths on my PC, treating the gameboy like a hardware sequencer) but it seems that the interface for that with an arduinoboy is a bit clunky.

FWIW the Arduinoboy isn’t all that clunky, it’s more “set it and forget it”. I would def recommend one of the variants offered by Catskull Electronics he’s pretty much perfected the form factor.

Wanted to just share a little a funny little turn of events from yesterday that a bunch of you might be interested in too.

Pre-cursor to this is that I love listening to chiptune, but have never really “made” much of my own as trackers always just seemed a bit too intense! These days I make most if not all my music with Teletype either in eurorack-land or with VCV.

Most of the time with when I’m using VCV its often because I only have a small window of opportunity, and back before v2 I used to love using the Kautenja DSP modules EDIT Happy to see that these have now made the jump to v2 aswell now!

Anyhoo, quickly realised that I would really like something that ideally has a couple of voices and a bit of polyphony to control with my hardware teletype via i2c2midi – a DIY module that translates I2C to MIDI and ended up looking at the Twisted Electrons stuff( HapiNes L, AY3 etc). Only thing is I don’t need the all the bells and whistles that these beautiful products have-- I mostly just need the chip, a way to send it TRS/ 5 pin midi and an audio out jack.

I’d come across a bunch of SDIY options like the Catskull boards mentioned above, but was looking for options based in the UK and happened to come across Dan Suter’s etsy shop where he sells this really cool assembled pcb synth using the YM2149F (a AY-3-8910 variant) chip seen in the Atari ST.

I’m still in my DIY infancy so I wanted to find out what my options where for a very small solution to convert the USB midi in to a TRS or 5-pin Midi in, so I pinged Dan a message.

Had a really pleasant time talking with Dan and swapping music etc and turns out he’d been looking at doing something similar. He then spent yesterday keeping me updated on a redesign of the Pcb layout to accommodate 5 pin in, power supply and a wee acrylic case; while still keeping costs to a minimum.

He wasn’t familiar with Lines but told him that I’m sure he’d find a warm and welcoming community for him and any future projects he decides to undertake.

Tl;dr I’m super excited for a little chiptune box to make chiptune music with Teletype! Thanks Dan!


The Retrowave OPL3 board is undergoing a design revision due to component shortage. Looks like they are trying a single-board solution with USB input.

This also affects open orders, AFAIK. I’m kind of miffed that they falsely marked my Tindie order “shipped” in January but I guess I can hold out for the new board.

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Bad news on this (self-replying because someone hearted this comment recently) - I think some wires got crossed somewhere. I’ve heard reports from DMG experts that this is not possible, but I’ve had a few email threads open with Analogue support where they’ve asked me to go through some standard debug steps with no luck. Updating firmware hasn’t helped so far. Sadly, I think this might be a no-go. I can’t recommend the Pocket for the NL mono at this time. I’ve recently got a tip that the DMG CPU #04 or #08 (not sure what this means, to be honest!) is the way to go, but that #06 is the most common, which I’m guessing is the whiny one I have.

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Forgot to share some recent noodling with the YM2149F here, such a quirky and joyful wee thing! Planning on having a wee chiptune movement in June the 4th Flashcrash!


Amazing, @Obakegaku! Already anxious to watch your live! I´ve got a Catskull YM2149 with MIDI, but isn´t as fancy as yours; it´s a DIY one or you bought it [from which seller, please] ?

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Thanks @aeoner It’ll be pre-recorded (time-zone beef) but will very much be LIVE at time of recording so still excited and nervous to see how it unfolds.

Looking forward to yours and the rest of the gangs sets too of course!
Going to try make it to 3am to see @alanza go bananas

All the details on the YM2149 synth are here. There’s DIY or pre-built options i believe :space_invader: