Thoughts on Chipmusic

Although it has expanded beyond chiptune samples now, i still adore BEEPBOX. I love that it sits in the browser and your URL is the save.

Lunchtime noodles from me

I forgot to share this here, but it might be interesting to some. I ported the Norns program Spacetime, to the Famicom. It should work on any NES emulator :slight_smile:


Just thought I’d drop this little gem of @Nullsleep’s on here:

Definitely reminds so much of the chipmusic I originally fell in love with in the 00s.

This came on the tail of this release which I think is exemplary of what I tend to hope for most out of the form these days:

And some context for both:


Found another GB music deep cut by scouring github for music/sound roms. Fun euclidean drum macine!

Has save slot tho I don’t have that working yet (need to try a different flashcart), and also it seems to crash a bit if you load a blank slot?

Explore euclidean drum patterns on your Gameboy.

  • Three drum sounds
  • Four in-session save slots
  • Midi-Sync[/quote]

Mini tft monitor with dedicated power is a portable plug-and-play solution for my C64.


I’m looking for a bunch of raw/headerless 8-bit PCM(not 16-bit chiptune samples) audio samples for a project, waveforms, short drums, that sort of things. Do any of you have something like that?

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Might be of use to you. It is basically a bunch of C64 samples wrapped together in a Kontakt instrument. If I am not mistaken the samples can be accessed directly via your OS file browser.


@neauoire you can use sox to change bits and remove headers. i included really nice x0x drum samples on the norns (/dust/audio/common) if you want to convert those!


Not samples, but the Audiothing Minibit is an 8-bit emulation. I bought it on sale and I really like the sounds I can get out of it.

I need samples so I can embed them and fill a memory bank on a small 8-bit console for a project. I’ve pulled the x0x drum samples from audio/common, I removed the headers and converted them to big-endian, I will play with that for now :slight_smile: Trying to write a little 8-bit drum machine in assembly.

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monolase is 8bit only

(could be a cool port to uxn)
plz use whatever you’d like (k-blamo)

all the amiga st sample disks are available on the internet archive in 8bit wav format: Amiga Soundtracker Sample Packs (ST-XX) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

you’ll find a lot of nice short drums, as well as synth one shots, brass, sfx etc : )
many sounds are very high pitched to save memory.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I have more than I need with the norns samples and the amiga collection :slight_smile:


I was wondering if you had any installation tips on the FPGASID into the SID GUTS Deluxe. I have a SID GUTS DIY and I’m looking to upgrade from the ol SwinSID (I did order some SwinSID Ultimates but… they don’t work as plug-and-play… and support for those is non-existent so… eesh). For example, both the manuals for the Deluxe and GUTS / DIY mention the jumpers on the back of the units being optional if using a SwinSID - I was wondering if that was the same for the FPGASID. Or if the FPGASID needed any configuration before being popped right onto the back of the module.


New Nintendo DS music rom posted on chipmusic, looks fun: Nintendo ds rom : launchpad, pseudo synth, tracker - my ugly ZhootPad (Page 1) - Nintendo Handhelds - Forums -

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No configuration needed. You will need to bend some pins on the Sid Guts Deluxe to create space to fit the chip in. But it’s not as scary as it sounds, and is totally worth it, the FPGASID is great.

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I don’t use a DAW or LSDJ but this looks fun, VST which emulates gameboy and includes uptions for synching up to 4 instances of LSDJ, & other nice features

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Oh that’s cool! Can’t try it out right now, haven’t got a windows machine yet. How’s the sound quality?

Yep, that’s what I was using here:

The thing is quite handy, and I just got up and going on my new Linux workstation.

Haven’t noticed any issues with it, but I am going to run it side-by-side with a DMG for comparison at some point here (as elaborated in the linked post). If you’re running Linux, it’s not too difficult to get up and going; I use Carla, and there are other ways to accomplish it (LMMS, for instance, though I had some snags with that one). There’s also a standalone version, though I haven’t tried that one myself.


At this point I’m pretty much just re-sharing anything anyone finds and posts on but here’s a new gameboy drone rom!