I just shared a new album on bandcamp. Threads was made during the fall and winter of 2020/21.

The title refers to a fascination I’ve had lately in thinking about compositions as a process of sewing, with looped segments being laced together in mixed patterns. In this project I’ve also found myself recycling a lot of previously un-used bits and pieces, which has been fun and refreshing.

My tools have been Norns + grid with Cheat Codes, Cranes and Orca, Anaphora, Lil pup and Prosody in Live 10, a Marantz pmd221 tape recorder, Op-1 and guitars.

The cover was made together with my 4 year old daughter.


…to this beautiful community for including me, creating tools, being supportive, sharing ideas and creations, and for endless inspiration :blush: I’d be happy to share some more insight on my process if you have any q’s


great work as always. your mastery of cheat codes is inspiring


thank you for sharing!

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Picked this up last night - gorgeous sounds.

Perfect soundtrack for winding down.

Congrats on the release!

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