Three dots of death

Currently, when you open the “show more” three dots button under a post or reply
it expands to show additional features, and the three dots button goes away. This leaves your mouse cursor exactly over the newly revealed trash can button.

If you instinctively think the three dots are still under your mouse cursor, and that you can click again to “close” the newly shown features, you will instead delete your post. This has happened to me, and I wonder if others do this without even realizing.

One solution to this would be to just insert a little space so that your cursor isn’t actually over the trash button.

Here’s a crude CSS rule that would probably work for this suggestion. {
  margin-right: 30px;

I’m not sure who has access to do this kind of tweak, but wanted to make a post about it in case it’s not an unreasonable request (and also just to get it out of my brain :joy:)


Three Dots Of Death is also a FANTASTIC band name, one for the Unwanted band names thread i reckon


heads up, there is a chance that a moderator can undelete your post for you if this happens again (the internet remembers all) (sortof)


Thank you for clarifying. The accidental deletion I mentioned was from long ago. I’ve just been mulling over why it happened for months until I had the presence of mind to describe the UI oddity. If I can be of help in fixing, I’d be happy to give it a shot.

unfortunately, we can’t implement this request; adding and maintaining custom CSS for this is not an option, as the toolbar’s layout, spacing, and available action buttons vary considerably depending on mobile, desktop, device/viewport size, & user/account level. discourse upstream has been rolling out a lot of UI changes with each 3.x release, so trying to keep a stack of CSS hacks working between releases is not sustainable, though you might try filing an upstream request for this feature.

but, there’s still hope ~ if there isn’t an “undelete/undo” button in the toolbar for an accidentally-deleted post, or if the “pencil edit” function doesn’t let you revert to the previous undeleted version, you can always message @moderators; we can undelete a post.


Thank you for taking the time to explain. This makes sense, and I understand. Cheers.