Three new modules from Qu-Bit: Prism, Bloom, Chord v2

These are looking and sounding very good. Really pleased they scaled down Chord(that can now load custom wavetables!).


For me, the critical thing they (seem to) have done with Chord 2 is introduce the polyphonic mode where each oscillator is individually addressable. I’m trying to get confirmation, but it seems the v/oct, bass, quality and voicing CV jacks become 1/vo inputs. This feature makes it possible to use Chord 2 with other quantizers.

I admire some of the creative thinking in Bloom and Prism, although I am not likely to embrace either.


Yes that’s another great new feature. I believe you’re right about the cv jacks becoming 1/vo.

Same on Bloom and Prism. They are not suited to my workflow, but I’ll will wait and see what happens when users get their hands on them before ruling them out completely. Prism seems like a great tool to add some texture to softer sounds like, for example, samples coming from w/


I see two ins and two outs on Prism. Is Prism stereo?

Waiting on a direct audio demo of Chord2 but my initial impression of the sound is not too hot… The workflow looks good though!

I don’t expect the sound to be special, but for chords and pads, I’m not sure I need (or even want) anything that remarkable. Some wavetables with not too much harmonic content but some interesting movement (when modulated) could be nice. I look at the Chord 2 as a smaller, cheaper, more useful alternative to something like the A-111-4.

Bloom looks amazing to me but I do not hand-write or hand-program melodies. For melodic content, I now use WMD Arpitecht (which slays) but could easily see swapping it out for Bloom, which seems like it gives both more control & more potential for creative chaos.

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Ah, they’ve shrunk! I’m not a big fan of micro modules that don’t leave space for fingers and knobs, but the previous Qu-Bit stuff for the most part has kept me away because it’s been so wide in ways that did not seem necessary to me. I’ll at least give these a look and listen once they’re racked up in the local shop.

these all look worth a touch but i’m definitely interested in getting to know Bloom

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Well you are only listening to the raw sound. Once you send it through filters with some modulation I’m sure it will sound fantastic.

I added this to my rack at the last minute before a show a couple of weeks ago. I barely understood it and had no time to learn it. Now I’m in the countryside and finally got an afternoon to spend on it. It’s a blast, anyone else got one?


Yup. Love it.

Haven’t tried messing with custom wavetables yet, but I likely will down the road. Also really looking forward to the firmware update that will allow for more auto-harmonization options. I pretty much have it permanently in auto-harmonize. I hoping to make better use of voicing in the future. Soundwise, I love the original wavetable, but the organ one is killer as well.

I wish the module was a little bit bigger though. I enjoyed the orignial, but felt the panel space was really too much. With V2, I have occasionally bumped the pitch knob when scanning the banks/waveforms. A little more breathing room for the knobs would have been nice, but otherwise it’s really hard not to love. Can’t meet everyone’s expectations! Seems like v2 will be a classic for a long time to come.

Any patch notes for your videos?

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Have you noticed the 7th can be a bit sharp when sequenced via Lead? To me this seems odd for a digital oscillator with internal quantization.

I am having mixed results modulating Voicing. It definitely seems to want to be sequenced, not swept with an LFO.

City patch: Marbles > Chord (Unison Poly mode) > X-Pan > Magneto. Batumi (attenuated) modulates Marbles’ rate, panning, Chord waveform and linear FM.

Country patch: Marbles > Chord (Melody mode) > Clouds (DLD) > Magneto. Batumi (attenuated) modulates Chord voicing. Plaits FMing Chord (I think it’s the kick drum model lol.)

I think I have, but my theory game is weak. I tend to leave it in Triad mode because adding the 7th makes it sound “off” to me. I just assumed it was my ear. Have you measured it? I should do that. I am curious.

re:Voicing - I’ve had some really pleasant moments when feeding it massaged random stepped voltage from Pam’s, which leads me to believe sequencing would lead to richer results. Again, my theory game is weak, so I’m not sure how to use them intentionally beyond identifying transitions I enjoy. V2 also lacks the tidy labels, so I doubly have no idea. :sweat_smile:

It’s even trickier, as my focus is improvized, so I’m hoping to work out some simple tricks to add interest.

And thanks for the notes. : D

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Anyone here have experience with Prism? Been on my radar for a couple weeks now. Seems like a fun little module…

It’s ton of fun and you can get a lot of great sound out of it, especially if you need some chirpy glitch in your life.

Mine never leaves clocked mode and I use it constantly.

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Wonderful! I feel like it’d be a great pairing with Morphagene. Glad you’re having a good experience with it!

I have a nebulae en route that I think will also pair well with it. I’ve fed it a lot of tape loop style samples via my bitbox and it does wonders.

Honestly I think it’s a lot of bang for the buck. Solid filter, with freeze, bitcrush, and a delay. The bitcrush can get harsh but it has its merits. It has definitely surprised me more than once and is a great source of texture.

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Prism is great fun, I have spent a lot of time with it pushing it to its limit. It’s an incredible value (3 in 1) in eurorack which is an expensive format generally.

There’s only one thing I could say and it’s that I wish I had more nuanced control over the decimator. It’s a bit harsh, I wish I could flavour it a bit…

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