Three New Releases feat. UAN, New Tendencies, Radboud Mens, ANMA

Happy to announce three new releases are out today! Featuring UAN, New Tendencies, Radboud Mens and ANMA.

„Sketches“ is a project i considered unfinished for quite some time because of its raw and mostly minimal nature. After revisiting the recording sessions again and again, exactly that raw and minimal aesthetic was what attracted me with those tracks and i decided to present them as they are.

“Sketches” is a selection of tracks made in 2019 and 2020. All tracks are based on Modular Synthesizer improvisations. Along with the originals there will be five remixes by UAN, New Tendencies and Radboud Mens split up in two other seperate releases. As those of you who know the UAN sound might expect those three remixes are situated in the experimental, persistent field.
The remixes by New Tendencies and Radboud Mens are both in a kind of dubtechnoish style.

Have a nice weekend! :wave::sunglasses:

#clicks-and-cuts #dont-believe-the-hype #end-of-proof #analog-experimentalism #maybe-no-easy-listening


a little visualisation of “Sketch 5 (Gravitationswelle)”

another visualisation to the sketches release “Sketch 7 (Lysergist Rhythm Section)”

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now available on a few streaming platforms… :wave:

„Sketches“ ANMA

Apple Music: ‎„Sketches“ von ANMA bei Apple Music

Qobuz: Sketches, Anma - Qobuz

„Re:Sketched“ New Tendencies, Radboud Mens

Apple Music: ‎„Re:Sketched - Single“ von New Tendencies & Radboud Mens bei Apple Music

Qobuz: Re:Sketched, New Tendencies - Qobuz

„Re:Sketched“ UAN

Apple Music: ‎„Re:Sketched - Single“ von Uan bei Apple Music

Qobuz: Re:Sketched (UAN Remix), Uan - Qobuz