TidalCycles 1.0.4

Hello all, tidal 1.0.x is released, a major update with e.g. new functions, new ways of combining patterns, and controller input.
Plus a new website: https://tidalcycles.org/
it’s a wiki with expanding documentation: https://tidalcycles.org/index.php/Userbase

Here’s a CDM article about it: http://cdm.link/2018/12/tidalcycles-free-live-coding-environment-for-music-turns-1-0/



I miss using tidal, I need to get back on it. Great update! Amazing to see how its grown in the last few years.

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i’m glad you posted this @yaxu
will definitely try new tides when i have time

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I’ve been getting into Tidal 1.0 the last couple of days and its sooo good and fun. Much more accessible than i expected (sans the install process). I also find it incredibly refreshing to move away from the GUI world while at the same time avoiding the verbose tediousness and intellectual requirements of supercollider/csound. Thanks to @yaxu and everyone who helped create this.


Somehow this thread alerted me to the existence of neovim, vim-plug, got me to spring-clean my Haskell install, use tmux and fiddle with a bash script, download SuperCollider… it’s actually been really fun leveling up my super-user stat :joy:. And the TidalCycles installation was only complicated by me trying to be too clever / following directions poorly.

Anyway, I got the “hello world” d1 $ sound "bd sn" to work! I’m excited to explore more, thanks for posting here :relaxed:


Hello! I’ve been thinking about writing Tidal to control my modular via something like Tidal-Midi and an Expert Sleepers FH-2 for a little while. Or even Tidal->Ansible but then I’m not sure what I’d do for a MIDI host! A few questions:

  • Is anyone doing anything like this?
  • Do you think Expert Sleepers FH-2 provides any benefits over FH-1 for this particular use case? (Tidal -> Modular)
  • Has anyone done this via Ansible? If so, please provide details!
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Powcademy is hosting a Tidal live stream tomorrow. Combining Tidal with modular is on the agenda, apparently!