TidalCycles Winter Solstice Marathon online from 2020-12-20 13:40 UTC around the clock ⌨️

The annual TidalCycles Winter Solstice Marathon just started. Those of you familiar with live coding and algoraves might be already tuned on, but I believe this communal around-the-clock audiovisual experimentation will be interesting to many llllllllines folks :control_knobs:

The event format is that it runs 28 hours straight, with 20 minute performances of all kinds of stuff around live coding using of course TidalCycles, the Haskell+SuperCollider based live coding system by Alex McLean, and many other fun things such as SuperCollider (familiar from norns), SonicPi, Processing and p5.js, Hydra, hardware gear, modular etc. The focus is in creating music and visuals through live software programming :keyboard: with the code visible to the audience.

The algorave community really quite diverse and global, and there will be some strange sounds and evolving patterns coming up. The stream is on Eulerroom YouTube channel, and the chat is lively and worth joining :slight_smile:

d1 $ longer $ hemisphere "north" "day"

d2 $ longer $ hemisphere "south" "night"

d3 $ algorave "on"

d4 $ plur # maximize

I, for one, welcome both the Winter Solstice and algoraves. See you in the chat!


Now we are livecoding in the woods by a stream of water and the artists thinking aloud and talking about the owls out there.

I love this stuff.


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And so the event ended :low_brightness::high_brightness: on Northern, :high_brightness::low_brightness: on Southern. Amazing community, amazing sounds and amazing visuals.

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indeed :slightly_smiling_face:
thanks for posting
that was really fun!

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