Hello all, tidal 1.0.x is released, a major update with e.g. new functions, new ways of combining patterns, and controller input.
Plus a new website: https://tidalcycles.org/
it’s a wiki with expanding documentation: https://tidalcycles.org/index.php/Userbase

Here’s a CDM article about it: TidalCycles, free live coding environment for music, turns 1.0 - CDM Create Digital Music



I miss using tidal, I need to get back on it. Great update! Amazing to see how its grown in the last few years.

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i’m glad you posted this @yaxu
will definitely try new tides when i have time

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I’ve been getting into Tidal 1.0 the last couple of days and its sooo good and fun. Much more accessible than i expected (sans the install process). I also find it incredibly refreshing to move away from the GUI world while at the same time avoiding the verbose tediousness and intellectual requirements of supercollider/csound. Thanks to @yaxu and everyone who helped create this.


Somehow this thread alerted me to the existence of neovim, vim-plug, got me to spring-clean my Haskell install, use tmux and fiddle with a bash script, download SuperCollider… it’s actually been really fun leveling up my super-user stat :joy:. And the TidalCycles installation was only complicated by me trying to be too clever / following directions poorly.

Anyway, I got the “hello world” d1 $ sound "bd sn" to work! I’m excited to explore more, thanks for posting here :relaxed:


Hello! I’ve been thinking about writing Tidal to control my modular via something like Tidal-Midi and an Expert Sleepers FH-2 for a little while. Or even Tidal->Ansible but then I’m not sure what I’d do for a MIDI host! A few questions:

  • Is anyone doing anything like this?
  • Do you think Expert Sleepers FH-2 provides any benefits over FH-1 for this particular use case? (Tidal -> Modular)
  • Has anyone done this via Ansible? If so, please provide details!
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Powcademy is hosting a Tidal live stream tomorrow. Combining Tidal with modular is on the agenda, apparently!


Anyone have experience installing Tidalcycles on Archlinux by any chance?
I’m learning SuperCollider at the moment, but figured I would get Tidalcycles and learn it on the side.

However, I remember archlinux handles haskell stuff a bit differently as every haskell dependencies or libraries are dynamically compiled into arch packages, which in the end result in a ridiculous amount of haskell packages on the system constantly having to be updated.

Just wondering how everyone installed Tidalcycles on Arch? pacman -S cabal-install and then cabal install tidal? that’s all? do i need this ghc compiler? or is it better to grab everything directly from the haskell site bypassing pacman entirely?

Just wondering how everyone installed Tidalcycles on Arch? pacman -S cabal-install and then cabal install tidal?

I would’ve just tried that, but pacman -S cabal-install fails for me at the moment because pacman fails to download some of its dependencies. Nonetheless, it’s perfectly fine to install TidalCycles through cabal since you probably don’t need a system wide installation.

ya it failed for me also.
haskell is apparently pretty annoying to setup on arch 'cuz apparently everything is dynamically linked now. :frowning:

If anybody still need this, I’ve just installed TidalCycles on arch, using this procedure:

  • installed supercollider and sc3-plugins with pacman or yay
  • installed ghcup-git from AUR with yay
  • installed cabal with ghcup (ghcup install-cabal)
  • installed recommended ghc with gchup (ghcup list to find recommended version, gchup install 8.6.3 to install ghc)
  • enabled ghc version (gchup set 8.6.3)
  • added ~/.ghcup/bin to my $PATH in .bashrc (this passage needs restarting the shell)
  • installed tidal with cabal (cabal update, cabal install tidal)
  • installed SuperDirt with scide (Quarks.checkForUpdates(); Quarks.install(“SuperDirt”, “v1.0”))

my editor of choice is emacs, so I’ve also installed the ‘tidal’ package from melpa

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i just got SC3 and tidal working on my new bigSur doo-dad
Tidal 1.7 is out
Also i wonder if anyone has taken a crack at a tidal norner?

I think the 2 GB of Haskell dependencies would break norns

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ha! isnt there a baby haskell?

Hey everyone! I figured this might be a good place to share this new extension to TidalCycles/SuperDirt that allows for interfacing with Modular Synthesizers (assuming you have a DC-Coupled audio interface like an ES-9).
Since there’s a certain overlap of modular synthesis, supercollider usage and people not afraid of using computer keyboards as instruments in this community i hope that at least some of you may find this helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

(Note that I’m not the developer of this, so if you want to contact him you can either do that via the above repo or in the forum thread over at club.tidalcycles.org.)