Really enjoying this script although I sometimes need to “kickstart” Just Friends via Teletype. Not sure if the i2c bus is to blame but when it works it even works with both Teletype and Tidbit at the same time.

Hey! Great to hear you’re enjoying it!
Strange that you have to ‘kickstart’ it. I don’t have a Teletype so not able to test this.
JF is initiated when you start Tidbit- so is everything connected before starting Tidbit? :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, it is. I can usually fix it with choosing jf in parameters again. I guess it is not your script but rather my i2c bus. I see similar reports with the just play script. Anyway. I will have a look at maiden next time or will try to be a bit more systematic about it and see if I can find any pattern. Once more, thanks for the nice script. :slight_smile:

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Really nice idea for an app! Thank you. Having difficulty with [K2] getting this app to “run”. No errors reported in maiden, trying to run with crow + /w. The app just does not “run”. I’ve tried norns reset/restart, etc. I think I’m up to date with crow + /w firmware, and I can use /w in other contexts without an issue.

It was late when I was looking at this last night. I’ll try again later and hopefully be able to share more detail.

It usually helped when I re-chose JF in the parameters section (so probably the same for /w?). For Just Friends it seems like the synth mode is not properly initiated (in my set up at least which might not be good as I have TT as well).

I was messing around with it yesterday and modified it to push MIDI notes. What i noticed was that I’d need to press the “randomize notes” in the params once at least, to get bleeps going (after which they were plentiful). Would this work for you too?

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Yes indeed that is exactly it. I had to hit randomize a few times to kick off the sound.

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I had the same experience, but later realized that it’s just that the notes are all initially at 0 amplitude, i.e. silent!

When you randomize notes, the amplitudes are randomized as well, so some of the notes are now audible. But you can also just go through the notes in the parameters and edit them to have non-zero amplitude. Not at my norns right now, I think if you do that you get a low-pitched drone in C.

Ah yeah- that’s something you gotta know.
Actually it might be a good idea that I make sure the amplitudes start at 1, or at least half of them or something?

I am all for tips on what you would want this script to be- I won’t have time to work on it in the short run, but will again some time. :slight_smile:

Maybe just add one note as default in the first set?

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