Tilde Elektriske Fjaerlett


Simple premise, elegant delivery.
I’m so fond of these type of sliders!


Anyone who knows anything about my taste for spring reverb will know that this was an instaorder for me.

I know its not doing anything I can’t do with the A-199 but I love the elegance of it. I also think it will look beautiful paired with my Onde.


That’s exactly my thinking. This is so beautiful, but I can do this with an a-199 and a Serge Resonant EQ (which will probably be more open ended as a design, and give more interesting results sonically, due to the resonant nature of the Serge), but it’s so beautiful, but …


wow! good for them! Nice to see people have success from good simple ideas.


It is a beautiful, elegant thing- I don’t think it has an audio in does it?
I am sort of hoping they do a kit- might take some pressure of the wait list- though I guess kits can be a real hassle to sell as well.

saw this the other day and ignored it cause there’s a waitlist

but now that I see the price for the first time and watch the video…how did they NOT realize how popular this would be ??? :blush:

the demo is incredible and showcases a well crafted instrument that looks great and sounds phenomenal


4 year waitlist :sweat_smile: but threw my name in there… maybe the interest expressed will allow the builder to look at a larger production run.

I do wish it had an IN so it could process external signals, but it looks like a fantastic instrument in and of itself so I’m fine with that…

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I believe it’s only one guy building so that might explain the waiting list.

As I live close to Oslo I think I’ll have to ask him for a special deal

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no i totally get why there’s a waitlist but i personally prefer to wait till something is more widely available…i’ve been on various waitlists for gear

but certainly still amazed that they made such a polished tool (even if it were just an edition of one, for themselves)

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The Ekdahl Moisturizer is also worth a look for anyone interested in this…

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I’ve wanted a Moisturizer for ever, always end up acquiring something else for some reason

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I pre-ordered one as well because this is what I’ve been doing with Fumana in the send & return of Springray for the last few months. It would be nice to have a second voice or just a lovely condensed version. I got two years so we’ll see what happens :man_shrugging:

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damn, at $250 there can’t be a huge margin on this thing. it’s cool that this gained traction so quickly but at the same time maybe a little gutting to have filled a 4-year waitlist knowing that you could have priced it a little higher.



Wondering if I can build something similar in the ER-301…


that was my thinking exactly (tho i still got on the waiting list for this beautiful thing)… so i wired up my intellijel spring verb into a feedback loop… got a nice tone… and fed it thru my serge resonant EQ… the problem is, the tone i was getting out of the spring feedback was narrow enough that there wasn’t anything to EQ… i mean, besides maybe 3 or 4 mid frequency bands… on the demo for this device he seems to be able to coax a much wider range of frequencies… from lows thru mids to highs… almost different pitches… so maybe there is some noise circuit in there that provides content across a wider spectrum? i’m not sure, but i have yet to be able to recreate it exactly with the serge and the intellijel.

hmmm… with a bit more tweaking and careful settings i’m starting to be able to get similar effects now… promising… and nice sounding!

but still eager to see him make some more… have to support designers like this with such a beautiful aesthetic.


Springs can definitely be full-bandwidth like the one in the Roland 103 mixer, AKG BX-series etc. Whether this is physically possible given the size constraints of this device I don’t know, but I no longer think of springs as exclusively ‘lo-fi’, given my experience with the 103.

sure… a bank of sine waves would probably do it… but it will lack the raw, physical beauty and interaction of actual vibrating springs and feedback and the whole fact that it’s quite alive.

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I mean actually setting up a send and return (with feedback control and EQ) to a reverb tank