Tilde Elektriske Fjaerlett

Over 200?! I am currently #1483 on the waitlist, so I guess mine will be ready in… 30 years or so? :joy:

@Thhhh I reached out to him on Instagram to find out


Yeah, my apologies (and sympathy), as I didn’t mean to be the bringer of bad news! After seeing your post I was expecting to hear the worst.

He’s making something like ten a year - he hasn’t got to 40. Soooo unless he changes his manufacturing plan we’re all going to be dead by the time your number comes up.

I don’t want to turn this into some sort of entitled rant - the builder is certainly entitled to do what they want. But when you advertise a five year waiting list that is actually more like a century and a half, something isn’t quite right.


I told to my grandson about my wait registration. Maybe he could get this. My small gift to him.
(…listening the Hereditary OST)


I’ve put down no deposit at least, i cant be that disappointed when there’s a huge backlog to get through.


Good for him! Pretty ingenious way to get people to check back on your work.

I’m struggling with the idea of buying a used one… it’s an online auction and I’m afraid the prices will keep going up until the end… how much am I willing to pay so I don’t have to wait many (and hypothetical) years before I can get a new one delivered?!..

If it helps: you don’t need one! Just enjoy the tools you have and stop worrying about what might be. Let the struggling thoughts be about creative choices rather than what you can or can’t purchase :wink:


He posted a message on his IG with two bits of good news:

  1. He’s upgraded the guts of this thing, and all orders going forward will get the new one
  2. He’s made unspecified improvements to his manufacturing process that he says should accelerate his rate of production.

He’s saying he’ll continue to sell through his waitlist, and continues to avoid making any delivery estimates.


Wiseman Demure !… I’m gonna wait my turn. :pray:t4:

Be still, my heart. I will probably get my Fisher Space Expander refurbed before that point, I’m sure :smiley:


The statement remains a bit vague, but I’m still hopeful… :crossed_fingers:t4:

Edit (January 4th 2023) : Just got a message from Kristoffer… “For newcomers to the list I say min 5 years, but that’s just a guesstimate. With the current production speed it will take longer, but I’m hoping to improve the operation over the coming years.”


Got an email yesterday from saying my waitlist place is coming up. Worth noting the price has risen to $399 (although this includes international shipping).


Nice! Any idea what place # you are?

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I know hope springs eternal, but wow.

Robbie was a little under fifty on the waitlist in August of last year. Soooo it looks like K has sped up the manufacturing process by about a third. Good news, I’ll only be 80 when wait list numbers in the 900s come up.

PS: If by “number’s coming up” means it’ll be done in July, then there have been no improvements in manufacturing time, and my kids will also be dead by the time mine is ready. Hope … springs … eternal.


This is correct.

Unfortunately, the financial *cough* turmoil of the past 18 months has left me having to seriously consider if I can justify it at this time. (The price bump hasn’t helped, although let’s be honest the original price seemed a steal.)

Still if I do pass on my spot everyone else should get theirs a tiny bit sooner; that might even cheer up @bobbcorr a little.


That’s very kind of you. Let’s see … nope. Still contemplating my mortality through the lens of a decades-long wait list. Sigh.

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Traded my Tetrax for this instrument. Today is my first day with it. Quite fun but not for tinnitus. I already have some sketches though. I’m using the OT as a looper for Fjærlett. Serge is playing the rhythmic part.
I haven’t used the audio input yet.

Fjærlett with Octatrack. The main sound source is Fjærlett.


Your two sketches play well together.


These sound great! I’d very gladly listen to more of this.

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