Tilde Elektriske Fjaerlett

It sounds like you’ve got there now, but for the EQ to be able to affect the feedback system it has to be part of the loop. You can get interesting results filtering after the feedback loop too (I’ve done this with Fumana, Springray, and Res EQ making nested feedback loops) but having something in the send and return that tilts the fundamental totally changes it.

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oh! right,… maybe so!

that was my mistake… simply sending the feedback INTO the EQ and not using it in the send/return…

next i’m going to try sending the result thru the rossum morpheus… could provide some interesting shaping.

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I’ve been sort of playing around with this in the ER 301 but using a delay based feedback loop. Thanks for the idea to incorporate it into the spring loop. I hope you post your results, I’ve admired your work with the 301.

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To be fair, the humble Doepfer A-199 is way better for this kind of thing than the Intellijel. I have both and, try as I might, I’ve never managed to drive Springray into anything like the territory that opens up with the A-199.

Made a whole album just with that once upon a time…


I am using the A-199 with a bigger tank and have an A-128 fixed filter bank in the loop. I also tried it with the RS Res EQ but found the results with the A-128 more pleasant.


I suppose we’re getting off topic here, but what difference makes the Doepfer excel at this specifically?

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I love that this thread made me just patch this and now I’m happy.


Yes you can - I have a spring reverb on my isms case and below it sits the er301. You can play the sliders with a connected faderbank.


While I wait five years for the waitlist to clear I think I’ll see what I can do using my Pulp Logic spring reverb (feedback line is available as a separate output & input) and SmRF

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i should put fumana in my isms case…


It’s raw simplicity I guess. It’s very easy to drive it into feedback and keep it there because there is nothing much in the way to stop it. Springray has lots extra features that makes it a really good as a traditional spring reverb effect but its very polite. Which is why I have both. I use Springray as an effect and I use the A-199 as an electromechanical oscillator.


I tried a bigger tank with my A-199 but found I preferred the feedback sound of the stock tank. For the “Lost among…” set various filters and delays came and went in the feedback loop but a RES 4 was always in there.

I’m curious to try the Befaco as well. They always allow for extremity.
I have yet to try to patch this up with a Resonant EQ, so many ideas, maybe the ADDAC702 will be more appropriate for this, I don’t know.

Anyway, lovely album. It sounds like an orchestra at times. Pretty amazing!


I don’t have an Addac702 but since it has VCAs it could be really great to put lfos to certain bands, quite some potential for complexity…

The 702 is the dual voltage controlled filter. A really brutal clone of the MS20 filter, if I’m not mistaken. It’s not the filter bank, if that’s what you thought it was (from the VCA mention). Or does it have VCAs that I’m not aware of … ?

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Correct, thought it was the filterbank.

I’m in. It’s just so … lovely.

this is great! amazing timbres.

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It looks really great and very well designed. A simple, but brilliant idea. To my ears, it sounds very much like a Serge Res Eq feedback patch through a Spring reverb. It’s 1 patch in a box. A very good patch, but one I can already make, with what i have, and one that many people can make and get similar results with an outboard mixer with eq, spring tank and aux send. I maybe wrong, but there’s not that many 10 band Resonant EQ’s about. The Serge Res Eq is 10 bands and designed and built with feedback patching in mind and i just wonder if that’s what’s inside.