Tim Cross - Messages from a Purple Planet

Messages from a Purple Planet

5 tracks created in the early part of this year.
My motivation was starting to wain after going into a second lockdown, and after making these tracks I didn’t make anything for a while. I then went back and re-visited, and re-discovered these tracks, as if they where made by someone else, in another place and time. This inspired the title, they where like messages sent from far away and I’d found them.

The majority of the tracks are made with a 12U Eurorack system, an Elektron Digitakt for the minimal drums and Eventide Space.

Here’s a bit of insight into the tracks, what fragments I can remember:

  • Undulations
    The lead in this was sequenced with Circles in norns, through Crow into the rack

  • Finally, night is here
    This uses OOOOOO in norns, with the various parts coming from samples in the Disting EX. Some degraded effects coming from Bastl Thyme

  • Fractal birds flying over shimmering purple wetlands
    The strange sounding bird samples are Razorbill, a beautiful and unique looking seabird, native to the cliffs along the coast near where I live, Edinburgh, UK. They sound very strange and sometimes quite scary.

  • Hyme of the tribe from the silver mountains
    The distortion on this is from a Retro Mechanical Labs EFC Cv

For me the tracks are quite varied, and i’m really happy with how the whole release came together :smiley: