Timber (Beta!)

Sample player engine and two scripts for norns.

1. Timber Keys

Map samples across a MIDI keyboard. Multi-timbral across 16 channels.

Video on Instagram

2. Timber Player

Trigger samples with a grid or MIDI keyboard. 64 Fingers inspired, can be used as a quantized clip launcher for loops or one hits. Super flexible!


Grid or MIDI note input (eg, keyboard or sequencer)
MIDI sync (optional)


E1 : Page
K1+E1 : Sample slot
K1 (Hold) : Shift / Fine

K2 : Focus
K3 : Action
E2/3 : Params


  • Load up to 256 samples.
  • 7 voices.
  • Long samples are streamed.
  • Multiple playback modes, LP & HP filter, distortion, sample rate and bit depth reduction, two envelopes, two global LFOs.


Timber v1.0.0 Beta 7
Note that you’ll need to restart after installing an engine.



Oh yeah! :tada: :cake:


Watching the video made me nostalgic for that Akai S2000 I sold long ago.

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This is amazing wow. Only a few seconds into using it but damn. Really useful script. Love love love how you can load up a whole folder of samples in one go.

And the keys version also so so nice. Changing the quality to low is very reminiscent of the sp303. These are going to be some of my top used scripts


absolutely incredible work—i’ve been waiting for something like this!

would you consider adding earthsea-style grid control to keys? the script would be a total dream come true if you did!



Populated my norns with samples in anticipation of this. Cannot wait to try it out after work!

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This is superb - just being able to load 128 samples automapping to a grid instantly, from a folder, is a godsend.

The modulation matrix lfo’s etc can really turn samples into something else. So many options and parameters - it’s almost like having the engine from an Elektron machine. The graphics / the pages / being able to see loop start end points - it’s just very clean and well thought out.

Some things I would love to have is bandpass filters. There’s low and high pass which are great, but I can envisage using this not always for drums. It could easy be turned into a drone synth or micro soundstuff. Would love to have CC access to pitch also. I think for drums, it’s begging out to have some sort of pattern recorder (like the 4 from MLR) or Earthsea, so you can create handplayed looped patterns from all the samples.

Here’s a first try with a folder full of arp2600 samples.


finally had some time to test this. and WOW it is everything I wanted and more. Ive always wanted the Ableton Sampler in a box, and this does that. wow so beautiful. just played around with some glockenspiel, melodica and accordion samples I made and it is just pure joy using this script, and all the possibilities this opens up with recording small loops for mlr with tape. This truly expands what the norns can be. hats off to @markeats


dude, yes! I have an s6000 that I found in the electrical trash at work that made work, but has stopped working again. Love that thing to death, but this is a tad more portable :wink:

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Thanks everyone for the kind words, and great to see a video already! This one should be really flexible so I’m keen to see how people put it to use.

Yeah I think that would totally make sense, probably not with the pattern recorders at first, but just a simple grid keyboard.

I actually had this in and took it out - it’s a bit of a performance juggle at the moment. Would probably need to take an effect out to add something else in the per-voice audio path. Or reduce the voice count - I’m curious as to how people feel about that one.

I think you should be able to map the ‘scale by’ params although I haven’t tested…



Would it be possible to add arc controls similar to angl?

Where loop points and maybe even sample files change with the speed rotation of the arc?

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I wonder would it be possible to implement the sample start end point feature from this in MLR. I’m still an infant as far as LUA goes.


I was thinking the exact same thing! If this is not technically possible, a script that would let you edit/trim audio files with the waveform view/GUI of Timber would be a great too to have. Perfect for making those perfect loops for mlr.


This is awesome! MPC like.

I think i’ve run into an error when changing the loop braces in Loop or Inf.Loop mode.

While holding down a pad, I was adjusting the ending loop brace towards the starting loop brace and now the loop braces are smashed up against each other and non-adjustable.

edit: user error! press key 2.

I don’t own one, if someone can lend me an arc for a weekend I could probably get it done :slight_smile: Or make a PR of course.

Hard to know exactly what’s happening here - perhaps you could share a photo/video, more detailed steps to reproduce or any errors you see in maiden?

oh, man – so stoked on this! your on-screen interfaces are incredible, mark. wowow

re: Timber Player…

last night, I loaded up a few dozen toy piano samples and found that I wanted to plunk a grid key and get full release – but to make this change across every sample became a bit more consuming than a pivot-moment would allow.

is there any easy way to send a parameter change across all the loaded samples at once? sort of like the ‘copy value to siblings’ drum rack hack for ableton live, where you can set a param on a single sample (e.g. gate vs trigger or envelope release time or frequency) and push it to all the samples in the pool?


Totally my mistake, Key 2 will flip between loop brace and sample start and end. I apologize!

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Been waiting for this! The last piece of the puzzle for a script I’m working on.

Will have something like this out fairly soon.


That totally makes sense and would be really useful. Shouldn’t be too hard code-wise but I need to think about how best to do the UI to choose where and what to copy hmm…