Sorry for the dumb question, but how do i add this to Norns?

You just get the maiden open after your norns is powered up and then you click install under the available list.

you should be good after a restart
lemme know if you need some more help with that


My bad - I totally missed it on maiden. Thanks for your reply!


no problem, have a nice weekend

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Afaik no oldschool midi ch switching like ensoniq asr or so. So far its load another set for me if i want to use other samples.

The cropping crossfading capabilities are there, study the waveform and mod matrix pages.

A cool addition would be a fast way to audition and load samples to pads with maybe an option to trim while adding. So far being kinda limited to my premade sets seems to be a bit in the way of creative exploring and finding combinations of samples.

Editing my post for a question.

I need to be able to globally scale/tune timber sets in order to play multisamples say organ via midi keyboard. Thing is i have severeal different sample sets that differ in thier root key so i think the easiest solution would be able to transpose/scale sets globaly in order to move them a bit up/down the octave.

Is there such a feature? I can only find single sample options for that

It’s me! The guy who can’t figure out even the MOST BASIC shit.
Have loaded a sample into slot 1. Took me about 30 mins.
Now nothing is happening when I press keys on my nanokey. Or on the grid. Should there be lights on the grid?
I just updated the script on maiden.
Please help!

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Start by checking the grid and MIDI settings in the main norns menu, and making sure the params for Timber match the slot also. Could also look in Maiden console for errors if you think something is up. Make sure you restarted after updating.

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Thanks @markeats . I now have it working with the nanokey, but not the grid.
In the system settings, under “midi”, the list does not include the grid. Is this right?
Grid working fine with MLR, cranes etc…

Grid is a separate setting: help | monome/docs

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Hey Mark! First of all, great script/app! Timber player is my main one for playing live and I love how I can have shiiitloads of samples.

Anyway I updated to the newest Norns Shield image and moved my Pset files back into my norns and I’ve been getting serious audio crashes(all grid pads with samples light up and no audio). I caught some deprecation warning with Supercollider via norns.local(this warning comes up everytime I trigger a sample)
Not sure if it can give any light on what is going on.

I’ve tried my best to get it to crash while connected to SuperCollider via norns.local but it’s steady as a rock. But as soon as I restart my Norns, don’t connect to it via norns.local and don’t monitor via SuperCollider it just crashes within 10 seconds of playing any samples.

Edit: Ok no there’s no connection between Supercollider monitoring and not crashing, just restarted my unit and it’s still playing steady. This is driving me nuts

Edit2: Ok just caught a crash while monitoring Supercollider and it looks like Supercollider just crashes alltogether. No messages no nothing.


Hello @markeats and @hallmar. I’ve also been having issues with Timber (and Gridstep) on the new disk image (220306).

# script load: /home/we/dust/code/timber/keys.lua
including /home/we/dust/code/timber/lib/timber_engine.lua
# script run
loading engine: Timber
>> reading PMAP /home/we/dust/data/timber/keys/keys.pmap
m.read: /home/we/dust/data/timber/keys/keys.pmap not read.

and also

WARNING: Called from OSCFuncAddrMessageMatcher:value, method Object:asInt is deprecated and will be removed.
The definition of 'Object:asInt' is to be found here: '/usr/local/share/SuperCollider/SCClassLibrary/deprecated/3.11/deprecated-3.11.sc'
WARNING: Called from OSCFuncAddrMessageMatcher:value, method Object:asInt is deprecated and will be removed.
The definition of 'Object:asInt' is to be found here: '/usr/local/share/SuperCollider/SCClassLibrary/deprecated/3.11/deprecated-3.11.sc'

Followd by the script freezing up.

Edit: With the first error message Timber will hang on the Loading… screen.

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I’m having similar hard crashes whenever I do anything much at all in Timber on the new norns install


did a quick google search for the function.

I replaced asInt with asInteger on lines 126 and 760 in the supercollider file for Timber. It’s Timber/lib/Engine_Timber.sc

No errors now and it’s going strong so far. I’ll update if I run into another crash.

I couldn’t open the file via norns.local for some reason so I just used Samba on MacOS.



Thanks @hallmar! I will give this a try and report back. Hope it gets smoothed out - Timber and Gridstep are some of my favs.

Edit: Just tried this and so far so good in Timber-Player. I found 5 instances of .asInt that I replaced with .asInteger.

Edit 2: Did the same in Engine_Timber_Gridstep.sc file and Gridstep also seems :crossed_fingers:t2: to be healed. Thanks again!

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ah missed these two at lines 774 and 775
Weird that the errors went away even though I didn’t change them.


Honestly i just used find/replace - I think there were 5 instances. Don’t know the lines numbers :slightly_frowning_face:.

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Yeah I think I even did find them with search and replace but decided to skip them because it looked like some math library lol, but looking at it now it’s the exact same function call as the others that I replaced with AsInteger. So it’s correct now.

It’s all running as it should for the past couple days for me, no crashes yet so I would think the bug is solved.


All good over here too! Gridstep doesn’t seem to be drawing the waveforms for samplss but that’s no biggy. Crashing issue seems fixed.



This script is dope. :slight_smile: Got a gig coming up, and I think this is going to be the basis of the whole thing!

I just have two questions, if that’s okay:

First, I’m not sure if this is already a thing, but I’d really love to be able to adjust these parameters (e.g., trigger type, start/stop location, LFO targets, pan, filter, etc.) using just the grid (or, maybe saving fine-tuning for the encoders). Is there already a grid-based UI in the works? If not, I’d love to work on one!

Second, do you think there could be a way to evenly distribute pads throughout a clip? Like, if you pass through a clip:


You could automatically assign k (say, the first 4) pads evenly:

  0    1     2    3

(This would be like cheat codes, or Ableton Simpler slices.)




is there a way for timber keys to have a per-instrument send to the reverb? looking at a multi-timbral setup and would like to be able to send some sounds to the reverb while others remain dry. if this is possible with a simple LUA mod, i’d love to give it a shot…

a second send bus to a softcut based delay would be awesome, too.

finally - on the engine feature requests side, i’ve been thinking dj style filter would be super useful.