Timber is great! it has certainly made my desire for one of those 1010 black box samplers vanish for a while.

I wonder if there is a possibility of adding sampling capability to timber? Having both sample playback and sampling in one place would be pretty great. :blush:


You can always sample from the tape menu…

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Player: What’s the difference between inf loop and loop?
Keys: can’t hear second loaded sample, does it go to different midi channel ? Thanks!

‘Infinite’ will stay in the loop during the amp envelope’s release phase. Try setting a long release and it’ll become apparent.

And yes, Keys has one sample per MIDI channel.

I agree it’d be nice definitely. I’m thinking to concentrate on getting playback spot-on before tackling it though, so probably more like a v2 addition.


Just had a thought. The workaround for sampling in timber is to just sample to the tape on Norns and then load it up. Since you can set your start point it should be a quick way to get something in.


can I change midi channel in timber? thank you

In Player, yes it’s a param. In Keys, just load samples in the slot number that matches the channel you want to use.

being off work and away from my norns on easter break for some days have left me with alot of time to think about how amazing the timber engine is.

how hard do you think it would be to make a sample utility based on the timber engine @markeats? something that would let you set in/out points, amplitude, etc. on audio files saved on your norns and enable saving them again with your sample edits.

It just depends on the specifics. Saving trimmed and amp-adjusted files would be easy on the engine side… but you’d probably want some save-file UI that doesn’t exist yet. Applying more changes to the buffers like the filters etc might be a bit more work, would need some investigating. It would be useful!

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Just sat with this for the first time. Amazing work so far!

I saved a session (params) and then reloaded to test- it seemed like almost everything was preserved except start and end points (and possibly filtering… I had to stop abruptly so not positive). Is that trivial to add?

Ah that sounds like a bug, it should all save, will take a look.

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…would be nice to find a way to navigate in the params menu, something like jump to sample 1, 2 etc…or at least jump to start? so many params… Am i missing something?

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This a more more in-depth then I thought, and I don’t have a lot of time at the moment to dig through ´player` or the engine file. What’s the bare minimum process to get a sample loaded and working with a new script?

Beta 2 up on the same link now:

  • Cleaner looping, removed some glitches around the loop points.
  • You can now move a sample to a different slot (copy & copy params to come next).
  • Swapped around global view in Player.
  • Saving presets is… improved. Needs a lot more testing before calling it fixed (help here very much appreciated!)

To answer some questions:

No, but for this script the only params that aren’t accessible in the script itself are right at the top of the list.

If you want the UI then honestly the Keys script is fairly minimal, just ignore the GlobalView stuff that relates to the first screen. You may want to hold off until it’s out of beta though as there are likely to be breaking changes.


When you mention preset, do you mean there’s a possibility to save parameters (It’s ok if it doesn’t save the sample I can always re-import it) on Timber Keys ? I’d like to save a preset I love but I feel very dumb and can’t find where I could do that, but maybe it’s just not implemented yet ? Screen caps will be my best friends in the meantime I guess…

I mean the standard norns preset saving: Params menu, hold key 1, etc…

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This is awesome. Thank you!!!

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@markeats First off, congrats on this (and many, many thanks) — it’s terrific!

On the subject of saving params, the main snag I’ve hit so far is that pre-set loop points don’t always load successfully; more often than not, start and end points are jammed together, causing a high-pitched whine when I try to play the sample. I’ve found that simply re-loading the params set usually fixes the issue.

I’ll keep experimenting and see if there’s anything else to report.

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Can you share what exactly you’re doing to get this bug with the start/end markers? I’m seeing some problems with loops not always being loaded correctly but not start/end right now…

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You know what — I might be mistaken. It’s fully possible I was having trouble with loop points as opposed to start/end. I’ll double-check tomorrow!

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