any up to date patch ideas / sequencing / programming for creating generative tintinnabuli music?


interesting idea, however the triangle-shaped structure is unknown to me, did you read about it somewhere? I know the M en T voicing and was thinking of sequencing both by a qu-bit bloom / chord combo in modular, although bloom’s outputs are inherently fractal … I suppose that with the Doepfer you arpeggiate the T-voice?

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old max patch by stretta


Couple of saved links:


I have found this study : https://digital.library.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metadc271844/?q=tintinnabuli
there are many examples of this technique (p. 11 f.i.); any idea of how this could be “sequenced” on a modular level? I was thinking of an Ornament and Crime IntSeq implementation, but apparently the hw lacks performance to do this …


Tintinnabulator 1.3
Author: miltonline
Description: The Tintinnabulator puts Arvo Pärt’s tintinnabulation technique into real-time MIDI processing. Super simple and fun. It features 4 T-voice ‘inversions’, mirroring as well as free and synced delays. It was built to teach the concept and now I use all the time in composition and performance. Free to experiment till next version. Hope you enjoy.

explanation: https://youtu.be/RLcKrVjFu3Y
1hr deep dive into Arvo Pärt’s music: https://youtu.be/W_eqyeW-L6A


Hmm, looking at the video I’m curious whether I could easily set up something like this with the Melisma or Teletype, or a combination of both. :thinking:

This is interesting …

Playing piano with it reminded me of Olafur Arnolds player piano accompaniment: