Tips for Portland, Seattle and Chicago

Wormhole and Synth City… yep. 100% agree!


I’m playing a show in Portland May 25th at Yale Union.
If you are free you should come by.

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We were hoping to see some live music, so this is a definite possibility. Thanks!

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oh lovely, YU is the best! Sadly I’m in Portland only on the last week of july/first week of August.

More Chicago recommendations…

-Spoken Cafe and Beans and Bagels are a bit out of the way but are great for breakfast, lunch, coffee and tea. Fairgrounds is also good for coffee and tea. All of the above shops pay attention to/use proper brewing methods and typically have a nice selection.

-Ipsento is also excellent coffee wise. They have a couple locations but the one in Wicker Park is nice and is right by the 606 biking/walking trail.

-Ravenswood Used Books and Powell’s Books Chicago (in Hyde Park) are great for used books. You can get lost in those stores for hours.

-606 Records is also worth checking out if you are in the Pilsen area. Dusek’s/Thalia Hall/Punch House is right across the street. Tacqueria Atotonilco is also near by if you are in the mood for cheap/delicious Mexican food.

-Half Acre, Corridor, and Marz for craft beer and good food.

-Musicbox and Facets for independent, foreign, and art-house movies.


I would also be curious to go to zendos in these cities for some travel zazen session. I have a hunch this forum probably has some zen people, take me to your zendo!


The Sangha I sit with meets on Monday evenings from 7 to 830. Info is on our website:

Let me know if you would like to attend!


that’s lovely, i’ll be sure to write you once i know more exact days i’ll be coming to chicago!

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If youre planning on visiting Control Voltage in Portland (and really…why wouldnt you?), it sits in the middle of a fantastic neighborhood with tons of stuff all on Mississippi Ave

Mississippi Studios is a great small venue
Bar Bar is the bar attached to it with a great patio
Crow Bar is across the street and is a great dive
Stormbreaker Brewery is one of my faves and also has a great patio
Beacon Sound - records and tapes, electronic leaning
Mississippi Records is a bit up the street but is an awesome record store
Eclipse Brewery - another fantastic brewery
and theres tons more. You really cant lose in that hood.

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Hi, I’m planning to take the train from Seattle to Chicago. Takes about 2 days I know… still, it’s sort of like a childhood fantasy of mine. Should have of course done this probably 20 years ago :slight_smile:

Any experiences?


Another request… tips for artists and musicians in these cities who perform live and have a rather minimalist / lowercase / wandelweiser kind of approach to sound.

Nomi Epstein’s ensemble aperiodic performs sporadically throughout Chicago. Mostly programs music by contemporary composers situated within the post-Cage/Wandelweiser continuum. Percussionist Ryan Packard is another composer-musician working broadly within this tradition. All of the venues mentioned above host such music. I’m not aware of much EAI or lowercase improvised music—from what I see programmed here, much of it still seems rooted within the post-EFI tradition.

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It was unfortunate that I had to leave after three performances in order to wake up early for a flight. Everyone sounded great, I left the event thoroughly inspired.

Portland recommendation: Let’s Drink and Draw at Nucleus on Hawthorne was a blast. Every Wednesday from 5-10.

11 Likes, 1 Comments - Vincent Buschi (@kaiser_wilhelmet) on Instagram: “Drink & Draw!”

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In Seattle there are also twice monthly events from Modular Seattle in the Summer - Modular On The Spot events are outdoors, and Modular Nights are indoors. More info here:

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my trip is getting closer, looking so much forward for it.

had to shrink the trip to contain only portland (26th of july till 5th of August) and chicago (5th till 16th of August). I would very much appreciate if there’s some tips for live events in those days. Portland is quite work filled, but Chicago is pure holiday.

Also, how about standup comedy?! More “alternative” approach.

And maybe few more bookshop recommendations…

And zazen!