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tml [refactor] is still one of my favourite apps and i’ve managed to update serialosc to get it working with my monome 64 & arc 4. however, the LEDS on my arc freeze when changing between voices though the parameters still update/change when adjusting the wheels. i’m very pleased to have this app working, however, it would be great to have the LED displays updating as well. could the problem be my poor max coding (i’m only a beginner) or could the problem be with Yosemite, Max 7.0.3, serialosc.maxpat (latest)? any advice/help would be much appreciated.

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do you mean you just moved the bpatcher offsets? i recall this was always for serialosc only. if this was the only edit, nothing should’ve really broken, and if something is broken, it’s a larger issue with max 7 or something.

hi tehn, i simply copied the serialosc from tml v026 for max 7, and replaced the version in tml35 [refactor]. i’ve since tried it on max 7, os 10.8.5 and the same issue occurs. (36.8 KB)

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apologises, i’ve updated the last message several times, it worked at 1st under 10.8.5 but the freezing leds has occurred again. i guess it must be max 7 or it wasn’t as simple as me replacing the serialosc from tml v026?

Is there an Max 7 version for 128/256 Arc 4 without push button? I couldn’t find one…
TML is absolutely fantastic! Anyone?

this works for me on macOS 10.11.6, Max 7, grid 64 & arc 4 without push button - hope this helps.

tml64 (35.0 KB)

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