Five tracks recorded in Yokohama between 1999-2011, newly remastered in January 2021, at 24/96 quality. Pay what you like.

At the time I was mostly cut off from the alternative music scenes of the western world, and plunged into a strange new audio landscape made up of equal parts J-Pop, World Serpent acts (especially Coil), Krautrock, and academic style Electro-Acoustic music (I was subscribed to the Computer Music Journal and reading lots of text books). I was also knee deep in modular synthesis, and had a 24u Frac system for a few years.

Most of these tracks were made in Audiomulch and then edited in CoolEdit. Mostly off the grid, ambient overdub style. A few were released at various times over the years, on MP3 only compilations, by myself on Soundcloud, on other friends’ releases, or briefly uploaded to my server for different audio forums, but I have long wanted to collect them in one place and give them the mastering treatment, for more of an album experience. I hope you enjoy them.

It’s long been a priority of mine to attempt enveloping, three dimensional, visceral sound out of two speakers. As such, these tracks are designed to be listened to on high quality, stereo speakers. The level is calibrated so that a -14dBFS RMS Band Limited Pink Noise signal equals 77dB SPL in the sweet spot.

Released January 21, 2021

All tracks by Gregg Hermetech at Hermetech Studio, Yokohama, between 1999 and 2011.

Track two features contributions by Decadnids, Elf and Yamato.

Mastered at Hermetech Mastering, 2021.


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Thanks, reckon you’d dig it.

Added another oldie. This is it for now, from my archives, I need to move on with some new stuff!