Today my small discovery was

I highly recommend the Klavis Mixswitch. It can do 2 or 4 step sequential switching by clock or CV or random switching, plus a whole lot more besides.

By using a pulse wave and CV to switch at audio rate, you can adjust the proportion of time spent on each wave segment. Results in some very cool sweet effects. And each input has a volume knob with up to 2x gain, so you can tweak the tone even more with that.

Plus the build quality is very solid, and it’s very economical for all you get. Always finding new uses for it.


Thanks! I actually have one and it’s pretty great. But it only does 4:1 or 2:1.

I’m also interested in 1:4, 4:4, direction changes, reset, etc…

Haha, that’s great. :+1:

Reverse and reset are possible by driving the CV with a phaser and inverting or resetting/sync’ing it. But I can understand wanting all that baked into a single module.

What do you mean by 1:4 and 4:4? Like demuxing? I’ve had good luck w/ one input to multiple outputs using the Muxlicer, but don’t think it can do 4:4.


The Erica Synth one I have has 8 steps, merging, muting and skipping steps, different play modes and gate out. With the cv expander it can work as sequencer too. Also, the sequencer values can fill in the steps that don’t have inputs on them. A bit of a bummer that it doesn’t work as attenuator/adder in tandem with inputs. Overall seems pretty feature-laden and flexible, but I’ve had it only from yesterday. Worth checking out I think.

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Some examples:

The Doepfer A-151 lets you do 1:4 or 4:!. One input to four outputs, or four inputs to one output.


I’ve been delighted all week by no-input-ish feedback experiments in Drambo on iOS — inspired by the fantastic lines thread on no-input techniques, esp @TanaBarbier’s post the other day about VCV no input-ish feedback patches using reverb.

The delay rack module, set to minimum feedback time (10ms) makes it easy to set this up — just drop whatever you want in the feedback path inside the rack, and adjust the feedback to taste. I use the impulse module to get the feedback started.

My favorite results so far were with Eventide MangledVerb as the main processor in the feedback path, with a hint of “wobble” and using soft clipping.


We want to hear it ! Please !
The whole iOS thing seems like one more trap I am actively resisting falling into, but please do lure me in.


Alright, here it is. It’s mostly MangledVerb doing the work, this should work in any host that can do audio feedback. The iOS thing has its perks, but can also be a PITA tbh. The tools just aren’t as polished and fine tuned as on desktop, and the perks of touch control aren’t always there. Case in point, I had to use a workaround to record the drambo audio just now.


Wanted to share this amazing source of sample material that I’ve been using for some time, it’s a shortwave radio receiver that you can control from your browser. I don’t know any of the technical detail but I’ve spent many hours scaning through frequencies on this, some of the noises you come across are otherworldly. I’ve been told it is possible to intercept transmissions from the international space station, military transmissions lots of morse code sounding stuff. it’s amazing what you can stumble across. the website has a handy record feature, but I like to plug it straight into MLR, always ends up sounding super eery.


Indeed, web-based sdr is a gold mine. Here’s a bunch of installations to choose from:


Thanks for sharing, I was looking for something similar a few days ago but didn’t find this!

Open source, nonlinear data sequencers.
Crazy stuff.

Oldie but goldie:

Looks interesting, but did not try yet:

I do not even know how I got here, but it is pure fun! It even has built in shader editor and scripting etc. Can’t stop exploring.

Anyone else knows more of this kind of insanity?


140 bpm is the appropriate tempo for ten-cho on my Po-32


this reminds me

i just discovered you can register some TE devices…i had been curious about why not (when in fact, it IS possible but I hadn’t found the page yet)

VERY cool tip


Oh my goodness! I want to make a Norns script that surfs these waves. Thanks for sharing!


I wonder if the Norns Receiver mod could be modified to use this as its source. That would be :sunglasses:


Oooo. That’s a great thought. I’ve not messed with the receiver mod, but am gonna check it out.

EDIT: Just discovered this exists which looks like a promising way of get SDR stuff onto Norns.


Small discovery on perspective:

Was thinking over my artistic / synthesizer journey since it began about 5 years ago. I think in retrospect I am seeing clear phases of being more interested in music technology and other phases of being more interested in expressing myself with my music.

And it really does feel like a light switch flipping between phases for me! Just really significantly changes my approach to the work.

Not sure what conclusions to draw from this yet but it was kind of interesting to think about!


Today I discovered that the ER301 loopers/buffer playback units all work with CV! :exploding_head: I’ve spent the evening recording envelopes into a variable speed player, and changing the speed/reverse for some interesting modulation, very fun!


i enjoyed this casual meditation on the psychological difference between seeing oneself as a musician vs a technician.