Today my small discovery was

it’s called druid because it talks to crows!!


I couldn’t wait for the new felt intruments “smuggi” since I absolutely love to play around with equalizer.
Although it was my very first vst, so I never really did music on my computer.
So it was an instant dream for me, I have it and thought “how the hell am I going to control that ? With a mouse ?”

And I checked a bit and found the akai midimix.

I mapped all the parameters I wanted and now I have an expressive way to interact with the filter bank very quickly and in a nice gestural way.

So now I am thinking about another controller to control something else someday…


recently discovered that you can load any file format into dexed for wild and random patch creation


That’s really neat. I wish all synths had some way of randomising their parameters as when they do it’s a great way to explore new sounds and how they work. Thanks!

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That my Zoom H8 (hate) has some pretty ok:ish guitar and bass amp simulators.


my girlfriend gave me a buffered multiply few days ago and I’m such an idiot that I didn’t get it sooner! The whole new world of possibilities has opened up, ranging from just mixing a lot of oscillators in additive kind of way to fm/pm/am goodness.


Sorry if I’m misunderstanding, but how are you mixing using a mult?


I’m not mixing with the mult, I’m distributing a v/oct signal to multiple destinations, which allows oscillators to (relatively) stay in tune with each other, which leads to a better experience and control over complex patches.


Yes, transitioning from VCV to physical modular I have to say that the thing I miss the most is unlimited mults of any output… It can be so musical to have the same signal modulating various parts of a patch, or various aspects of different voices…


Don’t choke! Twenty ch

Didn’t discover this today, but at least on Arp 2600s (including the new ones) connecting outputs to outputs doesn’t appear to be big deal (the original patch book even includes an example) nor mixing via passive mults. For a bit more context: Behringer ARP 2500 modules - Page 28 - MOD WIGGLER, Behringer ARP 2500 modules - Page 28 - MOD WIGGLER courtesy of @sandettie in the Hordijk thread.


Plugging a Novation Launchpad Mini into my Norns Shield and suddenly realising how much more sense Norns makes with a grid.

Bought a second Launchpad Mini mere days later.


Apparently the Sport Modulator 2 can function as a VCA. Who knew?


wot. can you elaborate please?

sm2’s new (draft) manual mentions that the module can be used as a vca. i wonder if this is similar to how sm2’s spiritual ancestor, the serge smooth & stepped generator, can act like a vca/lpg. from the ssg’s manual:

The Smooth Side can be used as a Lowpass filter. Feed an audio signal (e.g. a saw or pulse
wave from an oscillator) into the In jack (Cycle switch turned off) and listen to the signal coming
from the Smooth out while you turn the Rate knob. At maxium position (full CW) the signal
should sound pretty much unfiltered, turning the Rate down (counterclockwise) the harmonics get
filtered / smoothed out, at minimum position the signal will disappear altogether.

Using the VC input jack in the same setup as before, this filter effect can be used to achieve the effect of a Lowpass Gate / VCA. Send an CV envelope (e.g. from a DUSG or an Extended ADSR module) into the VC jack and turn the VC knob sufficiently high. Tune the Rate pot to a position so that the output is silent when no CV is applied but clearly audible when the envelope is high. This causes a VCA effect, but the envelope not only determines the amplitude, but also the amount of filtering applied (like a lowpass gate).

first paragraph is the “before” part, second describes a vca-like configuration. i think ssg’s “vc rate” input is analogous to sm2’s “cv1”. (correct me please if i’m wrong.)

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Yes, this seems accurate. Looping off, audio in, rate CCW. Trig or envelope to CV1 with its knob past noon. I was surprised how straightforward it was.

Set up the other half to create the envelope from a gate. Such a fun module!


This is really neat, thanks for pointing it out! I love the sound of the SM2 as a “filter” but hadn’t clued in that it also makes sense as a LPG. What a versatile thing.

(Also excited to see that a manual is starting to exist)

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Yeah, as a LPG I think it actually sounds quite great!


wait, how “any file format”? Like .jpg or .xls?

Yes! Just locate a folder and dexed will create patches from the content