Tokyo Festival of Modular

Hey fellaz,

is anybody at the Tokyo Festival of Modular in june?

Or better: is anybody living in Tokyo?



go to the elektron booth and make friends. Those guys are super nice and tokyo based.

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Giving this old thread a bump…

Anyone in for TFOM 2019?

(trying to get my stuff together for a trip to coincide with this)

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TFoM 2019 info is posted!

I will be there and also doing the DIY event on Monday evening - I will have 5 Fates Kits available there.


Wow, it’s in two weeks already… I’ll try to go on Saturday. Surachai live should be good.

Kinda disappointed that the synthrotek guy is apparently going to be there, really not a fan.

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Yes I was a bit surprised by that

For those going - it will be well worth checking out Maarten Vos set. A great live performer. He uses Ansible Kria / Grid / Teletype i2c along with Just Friends / Sisters in his setup

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I’ll probably be at TFoM on Saturday in the afternoon, take a quick trip back home to take care of the kids and then come back for the concerts :slight_smile:.

If lines people want to meet there, send me a PM or post here…

I’m opening the festival on Saturday with a live performance at 17:00, and I’ll also do a workshop on polyphony in a Modular system on Sunday (time is still TBC). Come around and say hello!


I went to the festival on Saturday (couldn’t stay for the concerts sadly), lots of interesting peopke and sound devices there :).

Worng had the Parallax stereo filter and Vertex stereo VCA, which sounded pretty good and are smartly designed. The Vertex does some subtle things to the signal’s amplitude when the gain is up (I had an excellent demo with scope but can’t explain it well now…), which makes the skew control really interesting, more than just panning.

I was surprised to see that Earthquaker Devices had someone to represent them, with a prototype of an eurorack version of the Afterneath reverb. It’s supposed to be released next year, they’re still actively working on it.

There was also a full system by a new company from Taiwan called Tenderfoot Electronics. They had a sequencer with mechanical keyboard switches (in an expander) that looked awesome, and many new modules.

Also from Taiwan, a new manufacturer called Emitum had some super light and slim 6U 84/104 HP cases (that can be closed patched) that are priced very competitively, though I forgot the exact prices :). The cases have 4 jack in the top and they have a module to connect these too.

And there were lots of cool systems from many manufacturers, and even some Buchla somewhere.

I can’t find a way to upload images from my phone, I’ll try that later…