Tomas Nordmark – Eternal Words (album release)

A little lines appreciation; I got very inspired of doing something, pushing myself out my comfort zone, sensibly contemplating on (electronic) music and give my process a nearly academic perspective - all in all from lurking around here at lines forum for a few years. Long story short, I started this very process last Spring and am now a year or so later stunned by the first reception of my solo debut album; The New York Times, The Guardian, BBC6 music, etc… “Eternal Words” is released today and I would be very happy to hear what the lines people think about it as well :slight_smile:

And this just in…

Bandcamp (digital + vinyl)



Two songs in and I’m loving the shit out of it! Great great stuff

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Thanks in 20 characters!

Absolutely gorgeous textures and juxtapositions of acoustic and electronic sounds.
Very interested in the recording/compositional process for this if you’d care to share any details.

Thank you for sharing your work!


wow, stunning work! Thanks for sharing this

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Yes!!! Stumbled onto your album like five days ago, have been playing it every day since then! Nice to see that you hang around here also! Would also be really interested in hearing more about the compositional process and ideas! The way you’ve worked with rhythm contra harmony is really great. Saw someone write about it as folk melodies that seem to be disconnected from any structure but still somehow always gets some kind of resolution. Beautifully described!