Tony Conrad sound archive: Music and the mind of the world


200 hours of Tony Conrad playing the piano!

From 1976 to 1982, Tony Conrad (1940-2016) created “Music and the Mind of the World,” a piano composition comprising over 200 hours of recorded music. During this time everything Conrad played on the piano was recorded (with the incidental exception of perhaps three or four hours). In this endeavor – which includes the sounds of practicing, banging on the keys, formal exercises, experiments with the harmonic sonority of the piano itself, and even “On Top of Old Smokey” – we witness what might in essence be described as the total encounter between an improvising performer and the central instrument of Western musical culture. Now, for the first time, this influential yet largely unknown work has been published by Arcangel Surfware and is now available online for free at the domain


Yea! I miss Tony. We got to hang out sometimes in NY. Some friends of mine are UB alumni that did work to archive his pieces. I think they are still active.


There’s a Tony Conrad retrospective going on at the Harvard Film Archive up in Cambridge. And it caps off with a Henry Flynt performance!


On my first CD i have a composition called “the Hat Tips to Tony”
Saw Conrad with Gastr-del-sol in Atlanta in 1996 and he changed my life
had the dumb luck of sitting next to Beverly during the performance and she shared some intimate stories about Tony and i was in heaven