Tore the USB connector off my Crow

I had my Crow connected via too short a wire and gave it a good yank without thinking. The connector was torn clean off.

I’ve made my own STM32 boards and can solder, so I hope i can fix it. But first off: I’m not lucky enough that the USB pads are connected to other places on the board, like one of the debug connectors?

Alternatively, it looks like the D+/D- traces are sticking out, so I can solder wires to those and connect to a USB breakout board (or a cable with one end chopped off), but is the ID pin needed in this case? Does 5V need to be connected for detection or power, or can I leave it unconnected? And finally, what’s the best place to connect USB ground? Is the analogue ground separate in any way, or could I use the nearest jack?