Gated audio sequencer for norns

“torii - a traditional Japanese gate which symbolically marks the transition from the mundane to the sacred”

I’ve always loved the sound of a lush pad or vocal being gated, so I set out to see if I could make that happen with norns. The technique is sometimes called “Trance Gating”.

Work in progress posted to get some feedback.

Code is still kinda ugly.

Submitted to community repo.


  • Norns software version 200424
  • Audio in, R library
  • Grid optional



K2 : randomize sequence
K3 : bypass gates

E1 : change BPM
K1 HOLD + E1 : change seq length
E2 : change edit step
E3 : change filter amt per step

See Params menu for envelope values, filter envelopes, delays, etc. (LFO is non functional right now)

Sequence length is 1 to 32.

Grid controls:

Row 8 buttons are the sequence steps

Rows 1-7 are a level amount for filter per step

For sequences longer than 16, scroll the grid side to side with E2


v0.5.1 - [zip]



Super cool idea and implementation!
I love the screen interface, and the screen to grid relationship.
Well done!

I can see how this would be super fun to use with external input, but also think that having an option to select a clip that is stored on norns as the sound source would be beneficial. (Sort of like using L-ive or C-lip content in Cheat Codes.)

Anyway: excited to see where this goes from here.
And again: thanks for the great work!


Nice! This looks great. Looking forward to trying this out when I can. I had been wanting to create a script using the MFB filterbox as a starting point… and It looks like this has most of the functionality!

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I’m basically learning the R engine as I go so I’d need to see how to handle samples as well.

I may try for an option separating the L/R channels to 2 sequences at some point too.


the more amazing scripts come out the harder it is to avoid thinking about a second norns… this looks so great!


oh hot fracken damn!

i can retire my Slicer pedal!

look forward to see this develop.

will you be adding MIDI clock?


Saw this script in the R Engine thread and was hopeful I’d see it here in the library. Thanks for this, I’m actually inspired by this and have a simple bed to a new track idea I like!


MIDI clock is kinda there right now, but I’ve not really tested it yet. I just plugged in my TR-9 so I could see what it does.

Looks like when set to external it follows the external clock (although maybe in 1/2 time), but I gotta figure out how to update the bpm value to match incoming.

Looks like there’s a bug in switching from external to internal clock where the sequence will stop when external clock goes away and there’s no way to restart.

On internal clock, gotta set clock out to yes in params but then it’s doubled.

I doubled the metro speed to get the 32 step sequence instead of 16 - so I will figure that out soon.

Updated to v0.3.0

Fixes halving/doubling of midi clock


The scrolling ability!
I don’t have the level feedback, but I can use it with my GS64.
Thank you!

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I can’t remember - do the monobright grid leds have a threshold brightness level?

I can probably variable-ize the brightness levels and make it an easy diy script edit to adjust for a monobright.

I will also make check and make a tweak for grid width so a 64 works properly


I think the threshold is 15 or 16, which ever the brightest setting is.

4 steps per-led variable brightness for 2011 grids…

right - but would still need to dig in the code to see what the (varibright) level values are mapped to.

Acoustic guitar through randomized sequences of gates. Took awhile to sort a good BPM to align with the strumming: too fast and the chord ended too late; too slow and the gating ended before the chord fully rang out. This is a little first-time experiment with the new Torii script (version 0.3.0) by @okyeron running on a Fates (aka an open-source Monome Norns port). A Zoom H4n served as the microphone, and that’s a little Boombotix REX speaker in the foreground.


Update 0.3.2

  • added param grouping/separators (requires norns 200323)
  • moved to local beatclock lib to add params separator
  • added variable array for grid led brightness, so you can tweak those levels for older non-varibright grids.

So much fun to run my Volca Keys through this, straight back to 90’s trance heaven :stuck_out_tongue:

FYI if anyone tries this and gets no output, you likely need to update the R engine (via Maiden) and reboot.


finally had a go with this one tonight.
super cool!

can’t seem to get MIDI clock input working though.
(i know it’s still a work in progress)
when i set Torii to EXT clock it just stops until i set it back to INTERNAL clock.

just to make sure i was getting clock into norns i ran the script VIALS and it was working with EXT clock.

I’ll check it out.

How is clock being sent? (What device) Are you sending a start/stop from there at some point?

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Hi there, love the script! Not sure if it was just my set up but do the gates still let through some dry signal when they are fully closed(active)? It sounded like I was always getting some amount of dry level through. Would be great to have control over the dry/wet amounts. Thanks!

Check your MIX page levels to see if MON is turned up at all. That’s pretty much the dry/wet control right now.

I’ve not tested with the new update yet, so there might be some weirdness

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