[Toronto Area, Nov 6 2021] Compos(t)ing — A new performance at the Visual Art Centre Clarington

For anyone in the Toronto area (or you can tune in online) —

Join me and JP King for an afternoon of performances on Saturday Nov. 6!

Working with and around Sahar Te’s mushroom incubator project (built with the amazing Tosca Teran), JP King and I will be performing sets of sound and music in response to the ways in which mushrooms propagate and build networks of decomposition, support, and growth.

I’ve based my performance on abstractions and interpretations of mycelial processes—decomposing, networking, and sprouting fruiting bodies. Over the course of the exhibition I’ve made hours of recordings inside the incubator, in the gallery, on the gallery grounds… capturing the activity and ambience of the environment. The field recordings are processed in real time using a Supercollider system purpose built for this piece and guided/controlled during the performance. The performances are part of the closing of the physical exhibition—a living oyster mushroom incubator in the centre of the gallery.

We’ll be doing two sets to accommodate maximum ocupancy restrictions due to covid. I believe both sets will be recorded and live streamed via instragram.

More info and tickets: