Totokia - ltd cassette

an experimental song cycle presented in three parts ~ exploring themes like proximity/attraction, data corruption & cultural dilution


before i totally nerd out…does anybody know how they’re related?


Hmm…looks like we got a Fiji/Tusken Raiders connection :thinking:


great find…i hadn’t even seen that article but connected some dots

i had been planning this tape around the time boba reappeared on the mandalorian series and somehow started reading about origins of gaffi stick prop design

it shocked me to realize they pretty much lifted fijian culture directly into the films

then when i found out totokia were carved to resemble a natural fruit something in my head clicked and i knew how i wanted the collection to fit together

totokia (on this album) is meant to represent the corruption of a naturally harmless thing of beauty

pandanus was supposed to be simple and i thought about excluding drums actually, but instead tried to evoke the pattern repetition in the plant itself

gaderffii kinda explores the artifice employed by those who copy others, the emptiness of sci fi and the fact that we know so little about fictional Tusken culture (do they even call themselves that??)…the songs imgaine what their music may sound like


improbably, this tape has been featured in a favourites list by matt atkins for the wire :exploding_head:
i’m pretty much speechless!

would never have imagined even a passing mention in a publication like that when i started making music

pretty wild…


Awesome! I imagine it’s only a matter of time before your work is reviewed by them. It’s definitely deserving of that kind of exposure.

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that’s very kind of you to say, i’d love more people to hear so that would be nice…in the meantime i’m exceedingly grateful for everyone who listens and supports in various ways

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this release now has the unique distinction of being my 1st solo album distributed via boomkat!
(which, for me, is a big deal)