Touch osc, why can't I connect to fates?

I’m trying to send osc to my fates from touch osc running on my android phone.
I’m a total newbie in what osc does.
So what i’ve done since now:
-Connected fates to my hotspot from phone
-set touch osc like this

-downloaded a couple of touch osc templates from lines (like the cheat codes one or the grid emulation from okyeron)
What next? Should I see something on my fates device list? If so where? Should I see if touch osc is connected to my fates somehow? Nothing seem to happen if I try to control cheat codes

See [cheat codes]: v1.2.2 (April 10, 2020)

Try setting your incoming port (on your phone) to 9000
The incoming port on your phone must be 9000 for cheat codes

(there’s probably no need to add/change the ZeroConf Name)

There’s no device list for osc so there’s nothing to “see” about the connection.

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This was really useful - thanks; I’d missed this very informative post about Cheat Codes, and while there’s still a lot to get my head around, the Touch OSC layout for Cheat Codes is at least working (unidirectionally to the Norns) from an Android tablet, though with a fair bit of latency.

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re: cheat codes connectivity, there’s this extra bit of setup in the manual:

  • Open TouchOSC’s “Options” menu and toggle on Bundle Messages + Send Ping, and set Delay to 1s

perhaps that’ll also help reduce the latency + kickstart the bi-directionality? hope this helps!

fwiw, cheat codes 2 is getting an online manual which can be more easily edited (vs.monolithic PDF)


Thanks - the PDF manual was really useful for setting up Touch OSC; I’d set both Bundle Messages and Send Ping with delay @1s and the latency is present. I’ve not had much luck with Touch OSC latency on the Android tablet and Norns so far - I’ll keep trying different settings such as using the Norns as host and sitting right on top of the Wifi router too.

Setting it right now

Cheat code is working! And I assume everything else. Now trying to use osc grid!

Note - you will need to change/update the ip source address in the oscgrid load script.

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