TouchOSC templates for Grid and Arc

TouchOSC templates for Grid and Arc

iPad-sized TouchOSC implementations of grid and arc

Tested only with some very experimental code on norns, but should be usable in pd/Max or other OSC tools.

Note - these are NOT officially supported on norns yet.


TouchOSC, iPad


OSC addresses for buttons/leds/encoders are set in monome serial format

Buttons: /grid/key x y - using x and y coordinates on the grid. Value is 0-1
LEDs: /grid/led x y - using x and y coordinates on the grid. . Value is 0-15 (vari-brightness)

Encoders: /arc/enc n where n is encoder number
LED rings: /ring/led n x where n is encoder number and x is led number.


grid128.touchosc (3.5 KB)
arc4.touchosc (3.3 KB)


I think part of the mystery of how to make this work might be here (monomebridge):

and then you’d have to use one of these old (pre-serialosc) apps:

otherwise, the newer variety all expect serialosc to be involved, and I’m not really clear on how to connect with that object since OSC is higher level than raw serial communication.

But I haven’t been able to make anything work yet, so I may be barking up the wrong tree.

I figured it might need a replacement input object (or whatever it’s called) in pd/max, rather than using serialosc/monomebridge

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That sounds right. …

Any tips on getting this up and running with Norns? Or is it still a bit early for that?

It’s really hacky :slight_smile:

Lemme check with Gerald who has done some further hacking on it

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This is cool! – does it send out the OSC info to Norns over wifi?

That is correct… :slight_smile:

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