hey pals!

kaitlyn and i just started our own lil music & art label.

our first release, Electronic Series: Vol. 1, is available today on streaming, digital & cassette.

more soooooooooon!

thanks for listening :slight_smile:


this is really great! both some of the timbral stuff and the animation of Abstractions reminds me a lot of The Books (who I haven’t listened to in a while, need to revisit)


hell yeah! love the website and merch!


Hey! Love the look of the site - excited to see what’s next!


Love everything about this.


Orderd the cassette! Looking forward to it.


I saw this yesterday and really wanted to add it here… Harry Smith was an incredible talent and I think the sound goes very well with his animation.


Thought this was going to be about the Instruo Scion eurorack module…

I was pleasantly surprised when it was not…


+++ for Harry Smith!!! along similar lines, I really love the films of Jordan Belson especially Samadhi; Belson and Smith knew and influenced each other since they met in the 1940’s.

also: still wish someone would do a new soundtrack for Smith’s Heaven and Earth Magic… I’m not up to the task to say the least! [note: film is b/w but the original live projections used color filters]

there’s also a great transitional animation between the abstractions and the later alchemic collage films…


Fantastic! Look forward to seeing what comes out of this and supporting it along the way.


I really love Abstractions, and I’m excited to see her play it at National Sawdust!


many thanks to you all for the kind words of support :slight_smile:

tapes are sold out (woo!), but we are considering a second run.


Wow! Those were gone fast.

Just a quick question, as there is only one long track shown on bandcamp, is it split over both sides or is one side blank?


it’s repeated on both sides


Ah, thanks for the quick answer. This would have kept me up at night :slight_smile: